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Trying out some ideas for the notification area for #plasmamobile .

Always was a fan of how BB's HUB works.

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My take on an UI for #plasmamobile Heavily inspired by SailfishOS, Andoid, and MeeGo Harmattan for the N9.
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Awesome work! This can't land soon enough! :D
New blog post about the support of theme engines in KDecoration2.

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This is an extremely interesting concept. For now it's just talk and nothing to use, but I'm intrigued by the concept of being rewarded for one's spent attention which in turn can then be used to amplify good content – or not – so that others don't have to waste their time.

After Diaspora has more or less failed I'm interested to see where this is going.

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Philipp Stefan commented on a post on Blogger.
Very nice blog post by Andrew about his experience at Akademy. I feel like I really missed out. :( 
Well, there's always another time. :D

My god steam, download faster already! :(

When your morning chocolate cereals taste like salted popcorn you just know that the day won't turn out well.

Installed Cyanogenmod on my now rusty Galaxy Nexus so I won't have to upgrade to a new phone. I'm surprised it still works so well.

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This is only logical behaviour :D I have the feeling KDE should work on a feature like that, hehe >:D
#everyone   wondered "What if...?"
Join us to see more!

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A extremely well done example on how KDE's layout guidelines can help you to prototype application layout design.
Somebody asked for examples?

Now that we've made the new layout guidelines available, I went ahead and put together a quick example for an imaginary calendar application design. :-)

#kde   #design  
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