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Laura Bowers
Writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, and rejoicer.
Writer, runner, reader, runDisney addict, and rejoicer.

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My #NaNoWriMo Survival Kit - it's almost time! #Preptober #amwriting #writer #writerlife

Cross posted on As The Eraser Burns. It’s almost that time of year again, folks: National Novel Writing Month, aka NaNoWriMo, the yearly Olympics for writers where participants attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in only 30 days. The fun begins on…

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Happy (late) #NationalPinkDay! I'm still celebrating by #BeingBold.

I. Love. Pink. The color, the artist, wearing it on Wednesdays, I love everything about pink, so imagine my utter joy after discovering that yesterday was dedicated to my favorite hue! I might have missed it, but I still shall wear it from head to toe…

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Happy #FirstDayofSummer: My Summer Bucket List!

Ah, summer, time for rest, relaxation, peaceful long runs, and lazy afternoons! Well, not really. My schedule isn’t exactly R&R compatible, now that I’ve picked up two more side jobs, we bought a beach house fixer-upper that needs major fixing…

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Where to Find #WritingExercises #FridayFive #amwriting

I once gave a presentation where, ten minutes in, I asked attendees to do a writing exercise. Instant awkwardness. I could feel the groans they shifted in their seats, grimacing as though I had offered pickle juice for their tea instead of cream. Yikes.…

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#Friday Five 5 Motivational Videos for Writers #inspiration #writing #amwriting

It’s been a crazy week. Seriously crazy and while I did get some work done on a manuscript, it wasn’t good work because my mind has been pulled in so many direction. I hate not doing good work. It makes me feel lost. Chaotic. Incomplete because I haven’t…

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#Writing Tips, Tools, & Tricks for when you're #amwriting #FridayFive

Why haven’t I been doing more Friday Five posts? I love Friday. And I love 5’s despite my aversion to odd numbers and the fact that Novalee Nation had a deep fear of fives from one of my favorite movies, Where the Heart Is. (Well, actually, Novalee feared…

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I miss #Livejournal Memes. #bloggers #memes

Oh, LiveJournal, how I miss you! It was fun blogging with you before I went all fancy and designed my own site here on WordPress. Which, yes, does have more benefits. But there are things I still miss about Livejournal. Like the sense of community. And…

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2016 WDW Half Marathon

Cross posted on Joyful Miles. My marathon recapping continues with Day 3 of the Dopey Challenge, the 2016 WDW Half Marathon, thank ya very much! (Sorry. I’m having awesome Elvis flashbacks.) Picking up where I left off with my WDW 10k recap, Megan, Ginny,…

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2016 runDisney WDW 10k

My recapping marathon catch-up continues! This one for the 2016 runDisney WDW 10k and day 2 of the Dopey Challenge will be short and sweet, told mostly in pictures. Oh, how I love 10k’s! Such a great distance. For this race, I looking forward to wearing…

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2016 runDisney WDW 5k

The recaps continue! Today, I’m following up last week’s Marathon Weekend Expo post with my 2016 WDW 5k recap, which I had cross-posted over at Joyful Miles. So where to begin? I had already mentioned how I got zero sleep the night before the expo, thanks…
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