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A Case study worth evaluating !!
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We had quite an interesting month April 2016 where all the major indices have made bullish movements.
For a brief overview of BSE and NSE review follow this presentation
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HR Mapping involves the following steps -
1. Business Vision Mission Statement
2. HR Policies and Process framework
3. HR Planning
4. Talent Acquisition
5. Succession Planning
6. Learning & Development
7. Performance Management
8. Statutory Compliance's
9. HR Software and HRMS
10. Exit Management
For a detailed and comprehensive study get in touch with us at hrinindia at gmail dot com or whatsapp HR 98800-80321


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A simple "hello" at the start of the day and "goodbye" at the end of the day is an obvious but sometimes overlooked form of recognition. As employees in nonprofit organizations are called upon to do more with less, spending just a few minutes chatting can open lines of communication and can set a positive tone for the day
•Say a sincere thank you for a job well done. Do this often and be specific; for example "you handled that client well, thank you" or "thanks, those were some really good ideas that you provided at the staff meeting. They will move us forward to solve the problem"
•A personal note can be very meaningful. Keep a pack of note cards in your desk for convenience. You could also send an e-mail to acknowledge work well done, with a copy to the executive director
•Tell your employee about positive comments that you hear from others
•Use the organization's newsletter as a way of acknowledging an employee or thanking staff for a job well done
•Acknowledge individuals or teams at a staff meeting, management meeting, board meeting, or special event. This is often meaningful for the recipient and can be a source of inspiration for others
•Organize celebrations - at the end of a project, after the quarterly review, individual milestones, team milestones or just because
•Food is important. You could have muffins or cookies at meetings. Reward achievement with a box of chocolates, or bring in ice cream on a hot Monday morning or Friday afternoon. It does not have to be all of the time - keep it spontaneous
• Give a wrapped gift - his / her favorite drink
•Acknowledge birthdays, work anniversaries, new babies and other significant life events. Gone are the days when work and the rest of life remain separate
•Give out hour-off certificates for exceptional achievements. Let employees accumulate them for up to one day off
•Have a team meeting outside the office at the local coffee shop or restaurant
•Create a recognition bulletin board to post 'thanks' from clients
•Give an employee a day off for a job well done
•Ask an employee to represent you at a meeting outside the organization
•Take an employee out to lunch
•Attach a thank you note to your employee's pay cheque
•Write down three things you appreciate about your direct reports and give it to them


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Advise to HR Manages !

A HR Managers are advised to :
1. Good listening skills - you learn a lot by hearing others
2. Drafting skills - helps in defining easy to understand HR policies
3. Negotiation Skills - In case of conflicts helpful in resolutions
4. Smile - being cheerful you can keep stress out of your ambit
5. Visible - do not confine to room, keep the doors open and move around employees
6. Engage - a dialogue with all ensure equal participation of introverts too
7. Helping nature - walk the extra mile and in helping others you help yourself
8. Love Haters - nothing wrong with those who simply criticize you for no reason
9. Nip in the bud - rumor mongers be strict and enforce rules to deal with it
10. No please all attitude - Its good to stand your ground and be counted rather than trying to please all !!


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What does HR do ?

The following are the key responsibilities of HR department

1.Recruitment & Selection
3.Leadership / Talent Development
4.Compensation & Benefits
5.Succession Planning
6.Performance appraisals
7.Rewards and recognition
8.Payroll processing
9.Employee Records
10.Employee communication management
11.Employee Engagement
12.Learning & Development
13.Setting up Policy framework
14.Soft Skills / Technical up gradation
15.Immigration and Visa Processing
16.Benefits Administration
17.Health care insurance.
18.Employee Separation


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