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Now that we have mentioned all the details of cleaning your floor, we can talk about the benefits of porcelain tiling as it’s becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to natural stone and ceramic. 

Porcelain tile is made from heated, refined clay. Its greater density makes it more durable and easy to maintain long-term. No need to worry about pets, spills, or wear and tear as the colors and quality does not fade. Because of its variety, there are many options to choose from to fit your budget. Let S-tiles help you save on porcelain tiles at $3.29 per square feet!! Different colors and displays on sale now!

A nice advantage of porcelain tiles when you’re looking to upgrade your home is the easy installation. For the motivated DIY-ers, its clean lines and fiber mesh resin backing holds tight to your under flooring. Just make sure you find the right mortar, grout, and sealer that it suitable for porcelain tiles. OR you can ask one of our staff at S-tiles to show you the cost performance benefits of having trained professionals install your porcelain tiles. 

Designing becomes fun and simple with porcelain tiles due to its variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes that will integrate easily into any décor. Available in many styles and selections, come to S-Tiles so that we can show you how to use porcelain tiles indoors and outdoors, home and office, walls and floors. Its versatility lends itself to patterning your counters, backsplashes, and showers as well. 

Since we’re coming close to the end of summer, it’s time to pull out your inner creativity as an interior designer, and add some cozy fall season ambience into your home. Bring in those transitional warm colors of orange-red, yellow, and forest greens. Whether it’s red leaves for accents or woody browns to blend, use porcelain tiles to add a stylish touch. 
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Nobody likes mildew, dirt, and garbage stuck on or in between those cracks in your tile floor. Keeping grout clean is essential in maintaining a healthy ground for kids and/or loving your space. Today, we will go over things that could ruin your tiles and the basics of cleaning your tiles to keep them looking brand new.

Not only can dirt and grime cause build up between your tiles deteriorating the quality of your floor, there are cleaning products on shelves that could ruin your tiles. Never use harsh chemicals especially bleach as it will definitely weaken the integrity of the grout. Weakening can cause holes leading to more dirt as well as the deformity of your floor.

Some floors require more heavy duty products or different cleaning products for different types of tiles, whether it’s ceramic, vinyl, or stone. Matte-finished tiles usually require less maintenance. Simple combination of warm water and vinegar on a damp mop takes away most stains and dirt from these tiles, whereas you may need to find specific cleaning products to clean and enhance stone-type tiles. Stone tiles can be fragile and usually require a special pH neutral cleaner. Acids like vinegar will destroy marble tiles! If you want a homemade alternative to a special stone flooring cleaner, try mixing Murphy Oil soap with warm water instead. To remove wax build-up, use laundry detergent, ammonia, and warm water. Either a damp mop, wash cloth, bristle brush, or small toothbrush can easily take out all kinds of dirt. 

There is no recommended frequency or duration to clean your tiles. Clean them as often as you feel necessary. For those who don't want to spend more time with a toothbrush on their hands and knees should shop for neutral colors with a matte finish for their floors. Also, following these two rules could make your life easier in keeping your tiles clean: 1) wipe up spills the moment they happen to avoid serious stains or damage and 2) Routine cleaning prevents the need for strong chemicals and hard scrubbing. 
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