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Software Engineering, Improv, and Craftsmanship
Software Engineering, Improv, and Craftsmanship

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Test driven development with Legos, is a workshop I just did at Pivotal 

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Farewell rspec... I have the best students. They painted a farewell message for me and included some rspec.

I'm announcing my departure from Carnegie Mellon University after 11 years, 14 orientations, 34 semesters, and ~175 student teams. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the remarkable students, staff, and faculty at CMU. 

The students are the lifeblood of the university, and I am grateful for working with top-tier students. Thanks for all the conversations, the team meetings, and nicknames. I'm still fond of "Toddfather," "Toddzilla," and "Toddyssey." 

I'm thankful for the amazing faculty who allowed me to lead them and taught me my people-first, servant-leadership management style.

As Director of the Software Engineering program, I tripled the size of the program while increasing quality of the students, the courses, and the faculty. I designed several master programs that pushed academic norms in teaching modern software engineering. Routinely, our advisors and silicon valley industry thought leaders were thrilled that with the curriculum and our advanced approach to education. This was only possible due to CMU's commitment to innovation.

I'm grateful for CMU's development of my own professional and management skills. My faculty course evaluations are among the highest in the college. I've enjoyed the process of becoming an expert facilitator. My most rewarding career highlights is guiding dysfunctional teams into functional teams.

It's rare for any professional to find a job they love. I remember attending one of our career workshops for our part time students when the facilitator asked us to raise our hands if we loved our job. In a room of 50, I was the only person to raise a hand. I'm very grateful to have this fantastic experience. 

While I've never strived to be "normal," I'm a rare individual to have both industry and academia infused into my DNA. I'm very excited to be transitioning to Pivotal, a company renowned for its amazing engineering culture. 

I'll continue to work on my Ph.D. and maybe our paths will cross again soon.

Test, code, commit, coverage, deploy.   #continuousdeployment   #done  

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FAIL: Amazon lightning deal, it's more expensive!

The Doctor Who movie was incredible in 3D!

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See if you can beat my time of: 7:36 #DrWhoDoodle

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One of my alumni has started a great company doing A/B testing for mobile apps. 

Enders Game: A+

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I won candy on the #googlebirthday doodle! Score: 120
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