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Is intolerance rising in this country?
Wildlife biologists, perhaps more than any other experts, wrangle with intolerance. Many wild animals won't stay contained within the safety of protected forests. Even tigers hunt and raise their cubs in adjacent farmlands. Their survival depends on the com...

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Why releasing Ustad does conservation no favours
Published in the Wire as The Case for Ustad’s Relocation Out of Ranthambore  on 22 May 2016  Photograph: Aditya Singh.  Ustad draws more tears, articles, and petitions than any other tiger, living or dead. More than a month after the Supreme Court refused t...

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Summer Houseguests
You may know the story of how frogs overran our house when we first moved in. (If not, you can read The Curse of the Tree Frog here.) With each passing year, fewer and fewer frogs called our home theirs. I figured the canopy had finally created a cooler mic...

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A thirsty chameleon
6th April 11:20 am Sonia, our young Irula housekeeper, walked into the house and asked, "Do you want to see a chameleon?" Rom and I grabbed our cameras and ran out, following her. A large skinny female chameleon stood poised over the bird bath. It was wary ...

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One Million Snake Bites
I wrote this in 2011 at the request of the film production company that produced 'One Million Snakebites,' a BBC Natural World documentary. Wasn't published then so here it is - If you are a young farmer in India, your chances of succumbing to snake bite ar...

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Incredible aerial acrobatics of leopards
Leopards climb trees to stash their kills, stay out of reach of tigers or lions, and just to catch the breeze. But I don't think we appreciate how arboreal these cats really are. You 'll never see leopards the same way again after you watch these videos. H/...

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Meat of the Matter
AT LAST NOVEMBER’S CAMEL MELA  IN PUSHKAR,  the animals didn’t look happy. Some stamped restlessly and brayed in distress, and others sat bored on folded limbs. Ilse Köhler-Rollefson, a global champion of pastoralists’ rights and a Pushkar regular, picked h...

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A sweet-natured reticulated python
 She was supposed to be a king cobra. Some fishermen told one of our king cobra spotters that they had seen a king cobra within the past few minutes. Rom, Aniruddha, our host and other spotters raced across the estate to the spot at the southernmost end of ...

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The ravings of four frustrated snake hunters
When the outlook is dark  11 1/2 frustrating days of king cobra-hunting later, this is the kind of shit that we talk - I: This is a hoax. There are no king cobras here. [A worker shows us a photo of a king cobra eating a Sumatran cobra on his mobile.] ** Ou...

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Oil palm plantations are a paradise for Sumatran cobras
A Sumatran cobra At a dump yard for old tractors and machinery, Rom lifted a piece of tin and found a cobra. Before it could disappear into some overgrown weeds and tangle of beans, he put his foot on it. It whipped around and spat a long stream of venom th...
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