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Sticks, The Comic Strip
A unique stickman comic. Every Monday and Friday.
A unique stickman comic. Every Monday and Friday.

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I love drawing comics, so please check out what I've created!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #247 - Sundial

I love all things astronomy! One of my favorite things to do is listen to +Fraser Cain and Dr.+Pamela Gay doing their +Astronomy Cast podcast. I listen to it most times I'm drawing my comic... You might even see an influence from the podcast here and there, sprinkled throughout my comic!

Would you like to see the newest comics I've drawn, head over to and start going backwards.

If you'd prefer to see a list of all of my comics by number, date, and title, check out

And finally, if you like my comic, don't hesitate to give it a good ol' +1 or even add me to a circle or two. Peace out!

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Oi, just think of it as a contribution to the Guv'nor!

Here is the newest Sticks, The Comic Strip #246 - Switchblade!

It's been a while since I released a comic, but here it is. And if you'd like to see more, check out, or even to see everything!

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Yaaay! Pink Slime is delicioso!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #245 - Ground Beef

Come see more funnies at

Or even an entire list at

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Here's an older comic that I've colored just a few days ago. My old comics are in B&W, and are slowly being colored.

Sticks, The Comic Strip #75 - Painting

My comic can be found at

And you can find a list of ALL my comics at

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I have released a new comic, people, so rejoice!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #244 - Autograph

If you see someone famous, get their autograph. It might be valuable one day.

Be sure, while you're at it, to check out my website found at ... and if you're dying to check out a list of all my comics, go to

Peace out!

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For the feastest time of all, a new comic!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #00243 - East

My comic can be found at, but if you're looking for a list of everything, check out

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Don't be a stool. RAWK OUT!!! checking out the newest comic from Sticks, The Comic Strip, #242 - Musical Chairs.

Go see more of my comics at, or see the entire list of all Sticks comics at

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As promised, Friday's comic is on the loose!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #241 - Telephone Pole

Next time, spend that extra buck and get caller id!

If you like the comic, pass it on to others! I will appreciate it greatly! Also, have a look at all of my comics at

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The newest comic from has been released!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #240 - Sewer

Do we need to call hazmat for this?

I've been drawing this comic since 2004 (and it's been online since 2009). Come see all the comics I've drawn at

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My newest comic is now live!

Sticks, The Comic Strip #239 - Evolution

Designed by necessity!

Come see more of my comics at
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