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This is a draft from 2 years ago, and I should have posted it right then. I have written so much here.  For years that have passed, I sent my words into space, and hope for nothing. I wrote, because words swelled in my head, and my tongue tied tight, failed...

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Apparently this blog still exist. Apparently I haven't been writing here for a very long time. Apparently life is so much different now. Apparently I'm not always keen to share it with the world anymore. Apparently I'm just too busy or, is it too lazy. Writ...

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Pakcik Genius Suruh Tgk Noddy
So we went to the baby fair, oh did I ever mention here that we're expecting. Surprise! :) Alhamdulillah, the baby is due on this Raya Haji, inshaAllah. You'll see a mini me soon. I still can't imagine mothering a child, but we are excited and scared at the...

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Love is Agreeing to Disagree.
We are not created similar to each other. The malay proverb says, rambut sama hitam, hati lain-lain. You might come from the same root, breathe the same air, eat the same food, wear the same cloth or even sleep on the same bed, but no matter how much we sha...

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Of Stories
Some people like to tell stories, although most of the time the story that they tell is a mere retelling. Some like to write, stories that derive from their experience of maybe pure imagination. Anyhow, I admire people who can write or tell or write and tel...

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Real Men Hug
I posted this photo on instagram, but I had to put it up here as well, because it's just plain beautiful and I want to remember it. On days when I had some extra time to read my old post, I wish to come across this photo and look at it and smile, the way it...

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Cloud Seeding
It rains a lot this few days, alhamdulillah. But I read on the star online that the government will continue with cloud seeding because the water volume in dams in the Klang Valley is yet back at safe level. Anyway, I read up a bit on cloud seeding and how ...

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I remember how he sat so calm in front of my dad, I had no idea if his smiles was a covering act or his palms were all sweat, but to me, on that day, he looked like the handsomest man on this planet.. His voice echoed, still lingers at the back of my head, ...

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Day Minus 1
It's tomorrow and I can't sleep.

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Day Minus 4, 3, 2
Oh God. Arrived home on Saturday and suddenly everything went by real quick. And it's Monday today. I'm scared.
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