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Chris Myhalsky

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Share with your Friends...000000We got a lot of Cyanogenmod Builds ever since Google made Android Lollipop Official, but all of them including the Official Version of Cyanogenmod 12 which launched not that long ago missed one crucial feature; The Theme Engine. Cyanogen has fixed this issue and they have finally added it in to the …
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Chris Myhalsky

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And so begins the journey with CM12 and the theme engine.  Today we merged ~13,000+ lines of changes to CM12 for themes.  Nightly builds after today should include the theme engine for you all to enjoy.

There are a few things I would like to point out.

1.  Since Lollipop switched from holo to material styles, most, if not all, themes designed for CM11 won't look too great when applied on CM12, unless an app is still using the holo styles.  Keep that in mind as you play around with your existing themes.

2.  This one is extremely important to themers.  Some themes may have bad .9.png images and if that is the case the theme will no longer work.  We were a bit lenient with this situation in CM11 but due to major changes in the way aapt works we can no longer afford to be lenient.  If your theme no longer shows up or it won't install, check logcat to see why.  Most likely it will be a bad or malformed ninepatch.  (see attached screenshot of what you'll see if a bad theme is on your device)

3.  Another one for theme designers.  Currently you cannot have a theme that is designed for CM12 and CM11.  This is an issue with CM11 not knowing what to do with assets such as vector drawables.  I'm looking into a possible patch for CM11 but there will be no guarantee that a user will take the update and they may still experience issues with your theme so please keep this in mind.  The play store will allow you to submit an apk that is targeting CM12 instead of CM11 and it will provide the end user with the correct version.

4.  And another for you theme designers ;).  When designing a theme for CM12, you will need to make sure you specify a targetSdkVersion="21" in your <uses-sdk> tag.  This will let the system know that it was designed for CM12 and not CM11.  We will be updating the template in the coming days so you can use that as a reference.

5.  Play around and let us know what you think!

Forgot to mention that we dropped support for themes based on the T-Mobile theme engine.
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Chris Myhalsky

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Trying to post on here at least once a day, but it's so dead here that I can't really find the point in doing so.
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Chris Myhalsky

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Did you know?
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Chris Myhalsky

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I did have a whole new perspective, you can stick to your convictions, and hopefully get rewarded, even if other people end up a little peeved, and yea my life was still in the crapper, but it felt good to finally be dealing with it on my own."

- JD "Scrubs"
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Chris Myhalsky

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I don't know why I bother visiting my family. Everyone fights the whole time I'm here and it just stresses me out.
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Chris Myhalsky

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Chris Myhalsky

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Painting is hell. 
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Chris Myhalsky

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Got the mounted combat update in Skyrim. I'm a very happy boy.
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Chris Myhalsky

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Watching episode after episode of Scrubs cause I have no life.
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Chris Myhalsky

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For when you just can't get enough Skyrim.
One hit from a sword and you'll be dead faster than your social standing once you wear this out in public, but you won't find a more comfortable suit of armor than this plated hoodie created by Etsy s...
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