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One Year Later
Before on the left. After on the right. A year ago, I began a weight loss journey.  It's hard to believe that it's been a year.  It feels that so much time has passed.  Speckled by many changes, this year took me to so many different levels that I feel a re...

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Tracie Hellwinckel commented on a post on Blogger.
Glad to see that you got all the yarn untangled and weaved a nice hat.

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12 Weeks and Counting
Today marks week twelve of dedicated commitment to myself.   Twelve weeks ago, I chose action instead of inaction. Inaction covered me in a layer of excess weight.  Actually, it was my excessive string of poor choices coupled with an inactive lifestyle t...

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Goals. Goals are a challenging thing, but if we set them and focus, through the journey, we can obtain them. In August, I set a few goals: First, I wanted to lose weight.  My BMI was at an unhealthy level.  I knew that this put me in a higher risk group for...
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