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Looking for #HipHop  inspired #UglySweaters ? I put together a list to help get the ball rolling for the holidays:

#OldSchool   #Christmas   #UglyChristmasSweater  

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A tribute mix to #Aaliyah, for fans on her birthday: Jan. 16, 1979

Stream & Download:

Featuring solo tracks and collaborations with: Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Nas, DMX, Slick Rick, Boot Camp Clik, Treach, Da Brat

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Saddened to hear about the passing of #Toronto #HipHop  veteran, King Reign. I always thought he had one of the dopest voices in Hip-Hop, there was never a question of "who's that again?" because you knew it was King Reign.

But when you heard a Reign track you also knew you were going to get something unique with a deeper perspective than most on any subject he was addressing. His sound was his own but his story was ours to take in. Like his own experiences may have driven him to create the way he did, but we could all relate to what he was saying.

From one #Scarborough  man to another, I want to say thanks to King Reign for the music and post one of my favourite tracks of his in appreciation, one that stuck with me for years.


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LOL @ #fam  and #squad  as if they're new... even Urban Dictionary had that shit in 2004.

#90s #slang  |

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Stream & download my DJ mixes free:

#OldSchool   #HipHop   #RnB   #80s   #90s   #Retro   #Reggae   #Dancehall  

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MICHIE MEE | Official website of Canada's Hip-Hop Queen

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Thanks to Vintage Media Group for posting up my #PhifeDawg  video tribute mix.

#ATCQ   #ATribeCalledQuest   #Phife   #HipHop  

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#Aries  Jam 2016 is only 10 days away!

Join myself (Dj Shamann), Memories Sound Crew, Michael Mayhem and Chill Squad for one of our biggest parties of the year! #Scarborough  

#HipHop   #RnB   #OldSchool   #Reggae  and more... #ScarbTO  

Click here for details:

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There's a four day long-weekend coming, you don't have to work so come and party with us! It's a free for all DJ line up featuring Dj Shamann, Memories Sound Crew, Michael Mayhem and Chill Squad.

No holds barred on the music, we're playing "All Kinda Tunes!"

#Toronto   #Scarborough   #ScarbTO   #EasterWeekend  

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Greetings Toronto! There's a contest being held by CBC called "Song In The 6ix" where Torontonians write a musical letter to T.O. 

Full disclosure: I'm campaigning for a friend. It may sound biased but I know quite a few people who have entered, yet this is the one I'm backing because I believe it's one of the more universal representations of our city.

If you flat out don't like it, by all means vote for the one you do like.

But with 2 days left, it's all down to the "top 6" (and who are realistically going to be up there at this point) and I'm hoping to find some extra votes for a friend so that he at least gets the chance to move to the next round.

Cheers and thank you for checking it out.
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