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Yes. Dr. King would've agreed with guns right issue. Or not. How'd he die again? That's right. With a gun.

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Had the dream come true some fifty years after the Good Doctor made his speech?  Or does the fight for the dream still go on, in a different theater?

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Have you lost your precious memories?

I need lots of help please.  While walking in the Arches National Park in Utah on 31st December 2012, I picked up a SD card thinking it fell out of my camera. I have discovered that it is not mine at all and would like to get it back to its owner who seems to be an international traveller as was I. 

The 8GB SD card is completely full and it seems to be more than holiday pics although I have not looked closely except at these two photos that I have chosen to put up and have blurred the face of the woman appearing in both images to protect her privacy - she and her travelling companions will know who they are.

From what I can gather - the tourist visited Las Vegas around the 23rd December travelling via Wirepass Trailhead on the 29th December to reach Arches National Park where they visited on both 30th December and 31st December 2012. I found the SD card on the ground near the carpark of the Windows walking track. 

I am now back in Australia where I would like to get my search started. Please help me to spread the word across the world. I am very happy to send this to the rightful owner.
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Anyone got ideas as to how to recover an Audio CD with totally fubar'd TOC?    Difficulty: ISOBUSTER, Blindwrite, EAC all failed.
Turbo Difficulty: Created by a failing Tascam CC-222mkII recorder unit....  >.<

Question for all you LMS mavens.  I have a project that requires pay per quiz access that I need to roll out on the cheap (read: free).  Moodle doesn't quite do per quiz unless I put per quiz per course.  Obviously, that's not going to cut it.  

Is anyone aware of Open Source LMS that is fairly easy to deploy and allows paid access per quiz level?  That is:

Intro (Free)
 - Sample Quiz (Free)
 - Topic 1
    -- Lesson (Free)
    -- Quiz 1 ($1)
    -- Quiz 2 ($1)
    -- Quiz 3 ($1)
- Topic 2
    -- Lesson (Free)
    -- Quiz 1 ($1)

And so fourth and so on.   A single front access control for both admin and students is a must.

Please help, Google Plus.  You're my only hope.

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Actually, +John Pozadzides this is a hidden feature of the iPhone 5: Curvable Frame and Display that conforms to your distinct features.  Apple calls it the ACD and is in process of patenting it.  You know, so it can sue Samsung for the Curved Display of Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus....  Wait....

So, the new iPhone 5 case is entirely aluminum.  Or as our friends from the UK would say, aluminum.  Anyway, the iPhone 5 is apparently subject to bending.

This makes sense because the old case was stainless steel and was shorter.  But the longer, softer frame on the 5 means it'll just give if you put it in your pocket (especially back) and sit on it.

Any of you had this happen yet?  If you've got a 5, lay it flat on a table and check to see if its bent at all.  Let me know if you've experienced this.

#iPhone   #fail  

Direction:  Select one answer and one only.  
All I want for Christmas is:

1) you
2) an iPad Mini
3) My Little Pony
4)  My Two Front Teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth.

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So this just happened-Merry Christmas!
READ!- I thought that I would go shoot some photos of downtown Denver this morning and I am glad I did. I came upon a very busy intersection when I saw a girl who looked about to be in her early to mid 20s who was obviously very new at being homeless. Odd I thought, not your typical homeless person when you think of that. Pulling up next to her, flashers on, I rolled down my window and gave her $2. I looked at her and said "Merry Christmas" and she looked at me, thanked me deeply and started to cry. I don't think i have ever wanted to truly hug someone so much in my life. I pulled away and proceeded to head back towards downtown when I remembered that McDonald's was open in some locations today. ~Lightbulb Moment!~ I went around the block, pulled up again by her and asked "You like coffee? Cream or sugar?" She lit up and replied with "I drink it black!" to which I said "Ok stay here, be right back, I am getting you some coffee and buying you breakfast as well!" I thought she was about to pass out. 
So, 2 extra large cups of coffee, 2 Sausage McGriddles and 2 Western Burritos later, I think she is pretty darn full! I gave her one of my business cards and told her "anytime you want someone to talk with, get a hold of me". My Dad who was with me was pretty floored by what I did and said "you know John, she is very very pretty! She could model for heavens sake". I looked at him and said "I know but that is irrelevant. I just wanted her to think there is still hope and to smile. It's Christmas!" 
For me, this is what it's about! Making someone's day who never would have expected it! 

#merrychristmas  ---John

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He'll blast your ass from here to Pakistan!
Santa Claus is Gunning you down!

From the year 3012, Merry XMAS Everyone!
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