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Long Over Due update
I am still alive and I know I said I was going to post more regularly and that is just bad form on my part to be honest. But I was holding off posting anything because I really wanted my next update to show off something but it's taking far to long for that...

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Spooky Scary 2 Ruff animatic one
So about the long delay, with the Christmas Holiday, work and me getting distracted by a number game releases I haven't had a lot of time in getting this project moving. But at long last I got the first draft of the animatic done. Before I can move forward ...

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Happy Holidays
For the Christmas holidays I thought I'd create a simple animation to get in spirit of the season So Happy Holidays and hopefully I'll finish my ruff animatic soon.

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Life Drawing
Earlier on today I had an email which got me thinking that I haven't done life drawing in a very long time. I know that it is very important for an animator (or any kind of artist) to draw from life on a somewhat regular basis. So today I spent a good hour ...

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Episode two finished backgrounds
Today I managed to complete all the backgrounds for my next animation (apart from one which a friend of mine is doing). With those done I'm moving onto the next step of creating the animatic with audio I already collected. I could of created an animatic wit...
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