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I've been noodling around with with a Tiefling subrace recently, and need some advice on two of the subrace's abilities. It's for Tieflings that are descendants of Succubi/Incubi. 

Vampiric Kiss: Gains a form of the Vampiric Touch spell. It does  1d4+1 at first level, 2d6 at 7th level, and 3d6 at 12th. This is an activatable ability transmitted through a kiss. In order to use this in combat, the creature must be grappled by the player or another PC. Charisma is the spellcasting stat for this ability. It can be used once per long rest at 1st level, once per short rest at 7th level, and twice per short rest at 14th level. 
Manipulator: gain either the Perception or Deception skill proficiencies. Once per long rest this skill can be used with double proficiency. At level 7, it can be used once per short rest, and at level 14 twice per short rest.

I'm still debating on replacing the double prof on the skill with Advantage instead. Is the the once/twice per short rest bit too limiting?

Thanks in advance.

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I picked up PB at a con last year, and while there were some missing components, I was able to find suitable replacements over the net.
Still haven't gotten a chance to play yet.

Not sure where to post this, so if needs moving to a specific section, that'll be fine.

Recently I discovered a little game called Warband, which is an SF dungeoncrawl in space. The game intrigues me, but I feel that it's heavily dependant on maps (this isn't a bad thing, just an observation)

Well, I'm not always in the right mindspace for mapping, and thought I'd ask if anyone had some sort of influential materials for inspiring map design for dungeons made out out spaceships mashed togther?

I've looked around online, and the map generators I've found don't seem to be useful or just aesthetically unpleasing. So if anyone's got some suggestions, that'd be appreciated.

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The creator of ASE, Patrick Wetmore has provided a Player's Guide to ASE. It has class info, and some gear lists.

Guaging interest in continuing with the Gatehouse tonight.

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This would look good on a T-shirt!


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Very nice system that dovetails nicely with how I play. 
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