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The evidence-based New Zealand housing price policies
Last week I
reported some estimates of the long-run magnitudes of the effects of demand and
supply measures on the New Zealand house price index. The question is what to
do with this evidence. It seems
obvious from the data that the most effective way to da...

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New Zealand House Price, Bubbles and Immigration
Many people seem to link high housing prices
with bubbles and immigration. This is an election year so more will be said as
the date of the election draws closer. Unfortunately, I have not seen any economic
analysis and measurements except from some graphs ...

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The U.S. Presidents and the Economy?
The U.S. has a new president. Hopes are for a better economy.
The U.S. presidents could affect the lives of millions, some for better and some for worse. The question is how do they affect the average. The affect the macro-economy primarily via their tax

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Iraq: education from 3000 B.C. to date
A few weeks ago I showed that Iraq has not published data on education since 2003. The wars, the UN sanctions, and lastly the invasion in 2003 had adversely affected education. Historically, Iraq has been the cradle of civilization and its history is associ...

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The distance
from the frontier Halfway The new statistics the World Bank like to publish are indicative of the progress of the free market. One widely publicized statistic is the distance from the frontier  . It measures the distance of a certain economy to...

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The post 2003 Iraqi economy in numbers (part nine)
The government In deficit and
in debt  No data are reported for the period 1968 to 1979. However, the fact
is that the period witnessed a positive terms-of-trade shock, i.e., high oil
prices in real terms, which have created a surplus in the budget and fina...

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The post 2003 Iraqi economy in numbers (part eight)
Inflation, money and the exchange rate Different
measures Inflation is
the rate of change in the consumer price index from one period to another. It
is very difficult to tell what the inflation rate is in Iraq. Generally, inflation
in the Arab countries doe...

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The post 2003 Iraqi economy in numbers (part seven)
The environment In trouble Air pollution, nitrous and methane
emission are reported up post 2003. The World Bank does not report data about
the after Gulf war I and II radiation pollution. However, Iraq post-2003 cannot
be a clean environment. All pollution...

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The post 2003 Iraqi economy in numbers (part six)
The health
sector Not so well Opposite to
education, Iraq did not report health sector data for the entire period from
1968 to 2003. Table (1)
includes selective-years data from the World Health Organization about vaccine
– preventable diseases for the year...

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The Post 2003 Iraq economy in numbers (part five)
The labor
market Outcomes not
encouraging Arab countries
rarely publish unemployment statistics. During the period 1968-1979, unemployment
was not a concern because of the social orientation of the economy and the
government. The state hired the people all ...
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