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Siding Replacement Wars in MN

New blog at the +Star Tribune about the siding wars in #Minnesota .

"We've all seen some epic battles over competing products in which parts of the ad campaign relied on going after the competition. Pepsi vs. Coke, Chevy vs. Ford, or today's PC vs. Mac and I-Phone vs. Android are just a few. While those have played out on the national stage, home improvement product battles take place with the contractors, builders, or with you at your kitchen table. The current battle of paintable composite siding boards has given rise to quite the rivalry between +LP SmartSide  and James Hardie. These two really don't like each other; they make the Vikings/Packers rivalry look pretty tame in comparison. And like Vikings/Packers, the front line of this battle is taking place in the Twin Cities because this is one of the top remodeling and building markets in the nation."

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Home Improvement Blogs

Looking to read more about home improvement?  We have a great series of #blogs !  Check them out~

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Sustainable Contractor Methods

We definitely appreciate #sustainability in our contractors - they often lead to great environmental effects and have carefully crafted designs.
GAF Announces Sponsorship of Certified Green Distributor™ Training Program to One-Step Distributors #sustainability  

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Free Contractor Quotes

We provide 3 quotes for your #homeimprovement project.  The best part, they are absolutely #free .  Isn't that great?  Our job is to make you happy so that we get paid!

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Manufacturers Galore!

It's our job to work with manufacturers to find the best fit for your project.  You can come here and read about our most popular brands! #stpaul  

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My 3 Quotes First Blog

For this #tbt , it's nice to remember our roots.  This is one of our first blogs on the +Star Tribune .  Since then, we've had some great discussions with people in the comments section!  It's still relevant, too - #windowreplacement   choices haven't gotten easier, but hopefully they are clearer.

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Home Improvement Financing

New blog on +Star Tribune ! #homeimprovement #windowreplacement  

Tell me if you can identify with this scenario- You bought your house before 2008, when values were at their most inflated. Your credit isn't bad, but you still don't have any equity since your house value plummeted 30-40% after you bought it. Now you're looking around the house and notice that the wood windows are turning black where the glass meets the wood. You finally go outside after this awful winter to see your masonite siding deteriorating where the sat up against it. When you go back inside, you are reminded that the last time your kitchen was in style there was a kid sitting in it eating Frankenberry and watching "The Great Space Coaster" on a TV with a big knob to change the channels.

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Secret Passages? We'll Take Them!

Here's an interesting group that makes secret doors and passages.  Worth a look to get ideas - perhaps to play your own home version of Clue. #uniquecontractor #secretdoors  
For those of you in need of stealthiness around the house, here are 35 great ideas.

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My 3 Quotes in the News

We're excited that Channel 12 did a piece on +My 3 Quotes a few days ago.  If you didn't see it, check it out here!  It's great to be in the news!
Hey, check out the piece Channel 12 did on My 3 Quotes tonight!

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