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Use this as a wallpaper-

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Prisma is finally here. 

Does Phonograph play m4a files? Thanks. 

Does anyone know if you will be able to save Android apps on an SD card once they are available? Storage is pretty limited so I am trying to figure out how all this works. Thanks. 

Does anyone know once Android apps are available for Chromebooks if you can save the apps on an SD card?

I have a Nexus 6P and I decided to check out the Android N Beta. However, after switching over, I have noticed that Phonograph is no longer reading any music I have downloaded. Anyone else having this issue?

Is anyone having issues with the SD card? I downloaded some music but none of my music players can read it. 

Anyone have any recommendations for a third party type-c charger that I can use for my Pixel? I bought one for my Nexus 6P that I thought would work for the Pixel but when I plugged it in, it said that the charger was not powerful enough to charge the Pixel. Thanks. 
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