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tomorrow ,I will buy a tin of red bull
moral: red bull makes everyone high
no offense blake, you rock!
you said too late ,i have bought it
i could see you just breakin the hoop in that commercial
Whats so great he's just a basketball player? 
Why were you on here at 2:29 AM? And also, what's so great? He has some hops, and I'd like to see you jump over a car.
yes i do i watch the clippers they are my team
Aren't you afraid of, you know, DYING
wow you should teach me some tricks!!! i would pay
my brother said you're a CLAM!
The best slam dunker in the world
amazing guy hes my favorite basketball player he can do any kind of dunk anytime
Oh my god,can he do that?
You Lien ! Blake Will Feed YOUUUUUUU
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