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Certified asshole.
Certified asshole.

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Long but worthwhile read.

‪Interesting. No wine at the walking lunch at #egovday2017 Pretty sure there was last year.‬

‪GovCloud supporting Ubuntu LTS. Wow. My wildest dreams are coming true! #egovday2017‬

Elite Dangerous is also on sale for 16,74€ on Humble Bundle...

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Free game on Humble Bundle.

Holy crap... Is it that time of the year again? Can't we just stop that ludicrous event once and for all? #ESC2017

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Offworld Trading Company - 10€ on Steam. Alas no Linux suport: Win/Mac.

This looks like an actually decent upgrade from my gear for a decent price (of course, RAM is expensive and a decent motherboard also costs)[]=38&cmp[]=2984 
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