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Best of Birthday Bashes
Hallie had a birthday this week, and this year she chose to
celebrate big! Monday was the beginning of a very busy week to come, and
Hallie at least was not looking forward to it. But nonetheless we must press
forward. Today was work, school, a PTA meeting,...

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Costumes for All Occasions
Short entry this week due to Sunday activities for Mother’s
Day. Many of our activities involved either wearing or watching people dressed
in costumes. Hallie started out her Monday morning walking with her
friend Rhoda. The rest of the day was filled with ...

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Landon Finally Broke Something
And it wasn’t even gymnastics related! More on that later. Shortly before the month started Mike and Hallie decided to
see who could get the most steps every day and a bit of money would be put on
the table for the winner. We will let you know who wins at t...

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Time Keeps On Slippin'
The end of spring semester brings with it a couple of major
anniversaries for Mike. He graduated from college 20 years ago on Monday, and
next week will mark his 10-year PhD anniversary. It also brings things like speech tournaments, which Landon had this w...

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Landon is in the spotlight this week. He went on a field trip to the Camarillo Ranch House as part of his grade’s community social studies curriculum. Hallie got to join as a volunteer (lucky!). Mike had some employment news of his own. (Read more at the link.)

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Easter and Birthday Greetings
Happy Easter! Not a lot to write this week. Mike celebrated his birthday, and we enjoyed his day and the holiday with visits with family and friends.  Landon and Cru went to Young Art at the Oaks Mall while Eliza was at gymnastics. Landon painted Mike a sto...

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Mom Goes to Time Out
She didn’t get in trouble, though! She went to
Time Out for Women, a couple of days of inspirational presentations and music presented
by Deseret Book. Meanwhile, the rest of the first week of April leading into
Spring Break was marked by the ordinary ebb a...

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When Dad’s Away, the Rest Will Play
We went on a little break from writing the blog while Mike
was out of town. We’ll get back into the swing of it next week. Here are some
captioned pictures for your enjoyment. Week ending March 12: For the most part, business as usual
at work and home. Mike...

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Marching on for Victory
We had a book fair at school, a new month on the calendar, a
field trip to a live concert, and a gymnastics meet down south as key events this week. Landon had the morning off from school Monday so he could go
to the doctor. He has allergies, so we will hav...

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Making International Flying Gymnastic Empanadas
Couldn't come up with a clever title to bring this week together, so you get a hodge-podge for a title. Enjoy! We had Monday off from school for Presidents Day. The kids
still had gymnastics in the afternoon. Hallie for a while was the only parent
in attend...
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