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Faustino Rodriguez
why fix a problem you can avoid?
why fix a problem you can avoid?


Is it possible to know if a user has installed the add-on from the add-ons store OR from the G Suite Marketplace?

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Celebrating the 11th month anniversary of the most annoying and disrupting issue I have suffered so far with add-ons

On the bright side, it has given me the opportunity to interact with the far too many users affected

I guess, every add-on out there is affected by this issue.

+Eric Koleda, any hopes on getting this issue fixed?

What is the referrer Url when using UrlFetchApp.fetch()?

I am calling an Api that has referrer restrictions, but I haven't found the right referrer Url that works

I have tried combinations around ...*/project-key/*/script-id/

with no success so far

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How to get the original value, from the hash created with the function

var hash = Utilities.computeHmacSha256Signature(value, key)

assuming we know the key, of course.

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Hi +Romain Vialard

YAMM add-on is getting to the 1 million users soon
How are the plans for that milestone?

Best wishes for you

Please migrate off JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch Endpoints

Any idea what this could be about?

I got an email this morning from "Google Developers" that starts like:

"We are writing to let you know that the JSON-RPC and Global HTTP batch endpoints will be deprecated on March 26, 2018, and no longer functional from March 25, 2019."

The project they listed as affected by this change, it's a Google Script add-on and I far as I know, it's not using anything that resembles what they mentioned.

They also said,
API Called: drive@v2beta
JSON-RPC or Global HTTP Batch Endpoint: GLOBALBATCH

Is there something in GAS that relates with this?

Thanks in advance for any hints on this

Exception: Service invoked too many times for one day: properties get.

Have you seem this error before?

I have logged this error a very few times and only for 3 users (all using a gmail account) so far
It happens, at least in one case, in a persistent way

This is the line of code:
var up = PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperties();

Any idea what might cause it?

The daily quota is 50,000 / day
Unless they are doing a bunch of those calls with other scripts ...

Is there a way to find the total number of cells in a Spreadsheet?
- Other than looping each sheet and counting getMaxCoumns x getMaxRows

It's just to know how close to the 2 millions cells a spreadsheet is

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How to detect if a user belongs to a G Suite (Google Apps) domain?

I wanted to adapt an add-on script depending on the user was using a Consumer Google account or belongs to a G Suite domain

If running the following script the response will include userinfo.hd = user-domain only if the account belongs to a G Suite account

function detectIfGSuiteDomain() {
var user = Session.getEffectiveUser().getEmail(); // only to include scope

var url = "";
var param = {
method : "get",
headers : {"Authorization": "Bearer " + ScriptApp.getOAuthToken()},
var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, param).getContentText();
var userinfo = JSON.parse(response);

return userinfo;

p.s. All credit to Jay Lee
from this post

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Can I do svg to png server side using Apps Script?

As you do on this page

Thanks, Fausto
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