So i've had some time to think about it and now it's starting to really piss me off! How Google Offers is helping pass your private Google account details to AdWords advertisers. The ability of the Google AdWords platform to automatically pre-populate AdWords contact fields with your private "secure" profile details such as your email direct to the Adwords field. This certainly has to be some kinda new low that AdWords has reached scrambling to get more advertisers to use the new AdWords extensions?

If I'm putting details into my Google profile I don't want or expect that data to be shared so easily, I'm sorry but +Google Australia this is just wrong. I understand you are doing this action to make it easier for advertisers to harvest consumers contact details but this makes me distrust what I store in my Google profile.

This ability to share my details across Google accounts to Google AdWords is certainly part of the reason why Google has changed it's privacy policy to allow for the sharing of my details so easily with Advertisers. You are starting to use my information in connection with one service and using it with one of your other services.

Your advertiser conversion rates should not come before your users right to privacy and not automatically sharing our details!
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