Right on! For those of my followers who don't know, Trey Ratcliff is a professional photographer who has used the internet and its reach to help him build a first class photography business.
Infuriating! The Professional Photographers of America or pro-SOPA and PIPA

What do you think? This email sent me over the edge... Did you know the PPA is actively spending money to lobby Congress for these and bills of this nature in the future?

Consider these condescending bits from their statement:

"So when a behemoth corporate money-maker like Google attempts to stand on the backs of photographers to increase its profits, we as your association take exception."

"Each of us must work to be more enlightened about the real issues, and encourage our friends and neighbors not to be led astray by the fear-mongering of Internet bullies."

Infuriating! How does the PPA get off saying something so incendiary and foolish?

Look at me, PPA. Your association of pencil-pushing middlemen has done nothing for me. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and hundreds more companies have been helping bring in the inevitable future of media. I share everything openly and freely through Creative Commons Noncommercial. This technique has enabled StuckInCustoms.com to grow to a point where we are quite profitable and about a dozen employees. Having these bills passed a long time ago would have hurt my business rather than helped it.

Creating new, innovative business models around the internet is the future (and present, I say).

Here are is more on my position on SOPA/PIPA: https://plus.google.com/105237212888595777019/posts/Y7y8PDdWbKd

Thanks +Mike Duncan for the tip off.
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