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Just want to take a second and say "told you so."  I knew this was going to happen, although I admit surprise that it is Amazon leading the way.  

The next step is to have fresh dinners for 1-6 people that you can order >8 hrs in advance and pick up, along with your groceries, on the way home.  These will be made at the pick-up location (or a nearby food factory), but will need to be thrown in the oven when you arrive at home.  Ultimate convenience and freshness for working people who want to eat like someone is cooking in their kitchen, but don't actual want to cook in their kitchen.  When this happens (before 2020), I will get on again and say "told you so." :D

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Preparing to Move
Preparing to Move I've moved around a lot in the US.  I always hated all the work that went into it.  But none of those compares with moving overseas. First, you need the proper documents to get past customs.  I'll be applying for a work (Z) visa , which is...

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Introduction - Moving to China
This blog will describe the goals, challenges, failures, and successes of starting a company in China. I hope. Introduction - Moving to China Hi.  My name is Chet.  I've lived in California, Colorado, Ohio, and Utah for 6+ years each.  For another few weeks...

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Most powerful free time zone converter that I've found.  Great for scheduling, etc. (Works with Outlook, Google Calendar, email direct links, etc.)   

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Very enlightening. 
"Hard choices are hard because there is no best option." Why the decision is really about who you want to become:

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A few random photos from my Google+ albums.
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I was floored by the video segment showing the computer-generated guess at what people were seeing.  Incredible!

This has the potential to be a revolutionary technology that could impact all areas of life, but I'm very skeptical of the speaker's "5-15" year prediction at the end.

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"Pain?  What's pain?"
He's a daredevil!  He did this little move four times before I put the pillow there and turned the camera on, and he kept doing it long after I turned the camera off!

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Please use (proper) punctuation online.  Your extra 0.1 second of typing could save me at least 10 seconds of confusion.

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Why can't kids just eat one meal per day?
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