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Neck Deep in the American Dream
Neck Deep in the American Dream


Hi everyone,
I currently have a squarespace hosted podcast that is routed through podtrac... looking to leave podtrac and also squarspace (for the audio hosting, but still have it be my "site hub" ... I'm going to move all podcasts to fireside)
Wondering if anyone has done this successfully...

I think these are the relevant facts...

-- I use the squarespace syndicated blog with audio blocks
-- I currently have the podtrac URL in the squarespace "RSS FEED REPLACEMENT URL" field
-- In podcasts connect, my podcast URL is the podtrac URL (not the squarespace URL)
-- I have done nothing yet with 301 redirects in squarespace and I don't think I have done anything with the Mirror URL in podcasts connect

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Side-effects Changing Titles of previously published shows?
(and more specifically on Squarespace?)
I have 22 episodes right now and I have started implementing a title format where I now include the name of the guest in the title of the show. People were having trouble finding a guest they were interested in based on the title. I'll definitely stick with this format, so what about the previous 19 shows that didn't get this treatment? Anyone know if there will be weird side-effects with the RSS Feed or any Squarespace specific weirdness if I just go edit the title of each post?
My assumption is just that people who pull the feed now would get the new titles. My fear is that subscribers get flooded with 19 "new episodes"
Thanks for any thoughts!

Hoping for a little advice on microphone/recording setups... 
So my podcast involves people who aren't so good with mic technique and are most likely being recorded for the first time ever. The idea is sort of for them to forget that the microphone is there and just participate in the conversation. 

I am often having these conversations in a different place each time. Outside in a park, at their house, etc. Most of the time it is one person. Sometimes it is a few people.

My main recorder is a Zoom H4N. 

I have tried a few things... just using the ambient XY recorder, a nice condsenser mic with the gain turned up so they didn't have to be right on it, a lapel mic (but admittedly not a super expensive one and it was corded). Have even brought a small mixing board and routed through that into the H4N to control levels. I don't have problems with recording my side of the conversation.

I get varying results each time. Understanding that I should better control the ambient noise and surroundings and that maybe $200 my limit for solving this issue... what I'd really like is if I could even get the same results but not schlep miles of cables and gear... This doesn't feel like a choice/brand of microphone problem, but more just the set up overall...

Thinking maybe just the Zoom H4N and the Shock Mic accessory mounted on a tripod and pointed at the guest.

This can't be a new or unique issue. What do others use?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi Everyone, I'm relatively new to podcasting, but not to podcasts. 
I just happened upon this group and have now spent quite a while reading through posts discovering a wealth of knowledge. It's going to take me some time to come up to speed, digest everything and be able to contribute, but just wanted to say "Thank You" because I've definitely learned a lot through this group.
if you're interested in having a listen, my show can be found here:
If you do check it out, I'd be interested to hear opinions.
Thanks again!

Tried out some HuluPlus on my Wii this evening... now I am even more disappointed in my Wii's erratic WiFi connectivity. sigh
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