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Swimming pool  - 
Lady Marcela closed her eyes and fell back into the pool, she thought today she could relax and she hasn't swam in a very long time. A loud splash was heard from her falling back she sat at the bottom of the pool testing how long she could stay under but swam back up after 30 seconds. Her head peaks out of the water and she wipes her hair out of her face

(( open to anyone ))
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vinnie did the same, eventually flipping onto her back and floating
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Face Claim Recommendations  - 
Face Claim Recommendations~

NAME~ Sessilee Lopez
AGE~ 28
BIRTHDAY~ 4 January 1989
RACE~ African-American
KNOWN FOR~ A model for Vogue Magazine
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Royal Rooms  - 
(( +Bokuto Koutarou​))

Aphrodite knocks on her younger brother's door. She knew he was probably busy but she found out her birthday present to him finally finished even though now it's extremely late so now it was more of a pre-Selection gift. Tauren?
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I don't remember this floor
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Put it into screenshot form for ya

Let's spread the badass response
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Music room  - 
Ferris was starting to feel a little better. He went to see Athena in the Hospital room and see that she was still stable. Now that he was in the music room he really needed to get to work on the song he was going to perform dedicating to her. He taps lightly on the guitar in his hands.

(Open to Anyone)
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Outfits  - 
Marcela's dress for the Early Valentines Day Ball
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Discussion  - 
Hey can people please join my community?? We are doing one for Prince Tauren and we need a lot of selected!!
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Royalty Profiles  - 
[QUOTES ] update
~ "Gentleman, you are here for my brother's hand in marriage, and it is to be expected that you behave as such, if caught acting unruly, unjust, and in any attempt to rig your chances for his hand, you will be escorted out of my castle, but of course you shouldn't lie about who you are."
~ "I maybe stick in the mud at this moment in front of the cameras but if you are yourself, with no lies, no tricks, you may find something you would never expect."
~ "You know I love you and I always will no matter how busy I get or how hard life is. I will always be there. Don't ever forget that."

[ NAME ]
~Full Name: "My name is Queen Aphrodite Sagittaria Estrella Schrieber."
~Perfered Name: "Please call me Aphrodite."
~Nickname(s): "I don't use nicknames often but people call me The Queen, and Your Majesty."
~Meaning or reasoning: "My parents have a fascination for astronomy and mythology. Each child has a name that shows such a thing."

[ AGE ]
~Age: "It's been 2 years since my Selection, and it has past my birthday which means I am 21 now."
~Birthday: "I was born on December 5, eighteen years ago."
~ Zodiac: "Sagittarius, the astrology sign for my birthday."
~ Place of Birth: "Seeing as I was a Princess at birth it would only make sense that I was born in the Castles Hospital Wing."

~ Gender: "I am Queen, so I am a Female."
~Prefered Gender: "Born female, Feel female, Staying female, I should be addressed as she, her, Queen, your majesty, and such according to tradition."
~Sexual Orientation: "I am straight, that's why I have a husband."

~Race: "White"
~ Nationality: "Illéan"
~ Ethnicity: "English, Spanish, Irish, German."
~Religion: "We force no religion and I do not have one."

~ Occupation: "I am the Queen of Illéa."
~ Province: "The Castle is in Angeles therefore my Province is Angeles."
~ Caste: "As Queen I am of Caste 1"
~Dream job: "I love the idea of a Model, but a Queen... Thats my destiny."

~ Personality: "I am as many say quite a serious young woman, I have to be as I am to be crowned Queen someday. I speak with a highly educated tone, though I do appreciate many arts, music, painting, photography, you name it I know it. Just don't expect me to list down every single one."
~Shows anger by: "Speaking in a Spanish loudly with language spoken not from a Royal."
~Shows distress by: "Complete silence."
~Shows saddness by: "Tears are shed in a continuous stream."

~ "Reading."
~ "Writing."
~ "Angels, Astronomy, and Mythology."
~ "Purple, a very much royal color."
~ "Music."
~ "Family"

~ "Liars."
~ "Abusers."
~ "Users"
~ "Unfairness"
~ "Questions of my hair color."
~ "Those who go out of their way to hurt others"

~ "I fear of hurting anyone."
~ "I fear the loss of my family and my people."
~ "I fear the rebels that have been growing everyday"

~Mental disorders: "I have none."
~Medical Disorders: "I am allergic to peanuts."
~Other disorders: "None."

~ "English is my native language"
~ "Spanish, a very common language everywhere in Illéa."
~ "Italian, a related language to Spanish."
~ "French, to finish the Latin family."
~ "German, just for fun."

~Years completed: "I have had the highest education as a princess and have completed 16 years worth of education in 12 years. As Queen I learned for well two more years."
~Average GPA: "I have a 4.0 GPA"

~ Hair:
>Style: Wavy
>Length: Lower Back
>Color: White with hints of blue and purple. And yes it is my natural hair color.
>Normal wear: Down or in a Braid
>Shape: oval
>Color: brown
~ Skin Tone: pale
~Height: 5'6"
~Weight: 114.6
~Build or physical discription: athletic, thin
~ Facial features: Sharp, yet angelic
~ Faceclaim: Kirsten Zellers

~ Father: Aquarian Schrieber
~Mother: Selene Schreiber née Castillo
~ Sister(s): Persephone (8 years younger)
~ Brother(s): Tauren (2 years younger), Leo (6 years younger)
~ Husband: Lucas Schreiber nee Queens

[ BIO ]
~Childhood: "As the first born I have since a young age been in training to rule Illéa, of course as a child, I was allowed some fun. I played with my brothers and sisters. Mostly tag, hide and seek, and Treasure Island. I allowed them to lead with those games. I spent large amounts of time with my mother as well, listening to her play the piano everyday, and even help her when she would be writing in the writing room. It's my favorite room, a place to keep tabs of all of my siblings adventures. My father was busy ruling the kingdom and keeping the peace with other countries."
~Teen years: "When my real training began, learning about the laws and history of Illéa, the importance of the Caste system, I ended up spending a lot more time with my father going on all of his business trips and I try my absolute hardest to keep time for my siblings."
~ Adulthood: "At the age of 18 I had a Selection to find a husband and met Lucas Queens. Now King Lucas Schreiber. It's been two years and those two years have been very busy for me and my husband since we are working together to get the treaty with New Asia. Now on top of that I am ready to help my brother Tauren who will be having his selection."

~ *"I am keeping an eye on the Selected, the last thing I want for my brother is to get hurt by someone who was not worth his time."*
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