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Bud Gibson
I created the hands-on search marketing program at Eastern Michigan University
I created the hands-on search marketing program at Eastern Michigan University

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I think this strategy is doomed. The real personal hotspot is the cell phone.
There is enough technology inside this car that they relate it to a mobile office - talk about distracted driving! With more self-driving features, I guess it's okay to put office features inside a car. Also, another medium for digital marketing! My brother actually worked on the research team at Ford to help with this idea of a mobile office. 

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And there is always New Face of Sales, Friday March 3
This is a copy from the page online. It is a way to request an invitation to the Digital Marketing Innovation Summit. It is in New York from March 21-22, 2017. This is huge because I'm sure that all of the students in this class and everyone in the community can benefit greatly from this summit. 

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A key question is the extent to which automation actually drives out social.
Its important to learn to use most of the tools that social media has. Because that will lead to an increase of customers in the companies. The automation is a very useful tool because you can post in less but at the same time you will get more exposure. We will get to learn how to automate the social marketing efforts here. 

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Who uses VR?
Bringing your whole body into virtual reality would be so cool if you didn't have to use anything. Head sets right now are a must unless Zuckerberg creates glasses that are smaller, functional, and portable. Controllers are not a must tho. I think by bringing the users hands by themselves into virtual reality this would create a whole new immersive experience for them.

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Key thing to keep in mind: Algorithms are often just automated bureaucracy. That has its limitations.
This is an interesting article, it touches upon the ethical issues surrounding the use of algorithims. While they are such a vital part of the now and future. In what ways could we use them so they are used wisely and ethically. 

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Embracing change is critical.
This article can relate directly to the marketing field but I think this is a good mindset to have! This generation we are seeing changes that are happening at a pace that has never seen before. So being able to adapt to change and use it to your advantage is major key. 

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Note that televised events are not getting the audiences they once did.
The Grammy Awards are the perfect opportunity for brands to get their product out there in a positive way and break into untapped marketing channels. One of the best ways to get people to want your product is by having a celebrity use it and with millions of viewers watching The Grammy's, your product is bound to be noticed.

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Users want control over their experience.
Millennials are focusing brands to evolve with the times. 84% of millennials don't trust traditional advertising and are making companies adapt with the current technology or be left behind by competitors. More and more online consumer's are installing ad blockers and finding other ways to skip intrusive banners.

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Key point: The wearables market is currently an Apple Watch market. Android Wear has not taken off.
I do not own or use a watch but I personally would want to test my app on Andriod Wear first due to its flexibility and the platform that Google provides if I had a smaller company. I would launch on iOS if I was a larger company with the funds and the platform.

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Suffice it so say that political notoriety is a double edged sword.
Ivanka's line is getting no love, as now Burlington will drop the brand from its online sales. The retail chain was unclear about supplying its brick-and-mortar stores, but never-the-less the accessory and apparel brand will take another hit as online sales are doomed to deter.
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