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Bud Gibson
I created the hands-on search marketing program at Eastern Michigan University
I created the hands-on search marketing program at Eastern Michigan University

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Amazon, Google, and Facebook are really the big 3 in terms of AI. 
Amazon Web Services (AWS), will also make machine learning and other types of AI more readily available to outside companies. This could allow retailers without technical expertise in this area to take advantage of the data processing capabilities of AI to cater to their customers’ preferences. 

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A key point is that this industry is highly leveraged with technology. 
The smaller we can be, the better. This was said by one of the people who worked on the game Rocket League. Now a days, a huge movement in the video game industry is to outsource as much as possible. It's cheap and it ultimately brings back more revenue per employee. There are so many people in this industry looking for work, so it is quick and easy to hire them and just as easy to let them go. 

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It's not just a platform issue. Do people have the patience to sit through whole games?
The NFL is reportedly dropping in its TV ratings and now they seem to be looking for answers to remedy this problem. The question the article asks is can technology be the solution to their problem?

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One could really question what a correct tool is. 
There are many different ways you can improve distal reach. Using software tools can be extremely helpful and is required if you want to be competitive online. The only problem is using the "correct" tools can be difficult when there are so many different software tools available. 

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This was hilarious
I think this form of advertising is absolutely genius! It might make me mad if I owned a google home, or I might just laugh it off, but BK was definitely being creative and taking advantage of technology! And it gives Google advertising for google home, so I'm surprised Google shut it down. I would've let it go for at least a week! :) 

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Definitely something to be said for having your car's brain in your smartphone
Apple now has a seat at the table when it comes to those companies at least putting some thought into launching autonomous vehicles. They join Google, Ford, Tesla, Volkswagen, and GM with those that have been approved to test self driving cars in California. Do you think we will see any other top tech companies join this trend?

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Always a big deal who you get placed next to. 
Safety is surely a good thing, especially when you are in the digital realm. YouTube has become safer for brands, but this makes it more difficult for new channels to make money, but the ones that exist or ones that are successful, YouTube has created an environment that is safer for them. This is great because safety today is a huge issue and the fact that YouTube has addressed it earns my applause. 

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Yes, social interaction at a distance
Dating apps have now become the go to for single Millennials in today's world. The use of them has significantly increased during the last four years and more and more different sites seem to appearing. The problem is that it is enabling us to stay isolated and not be able to socialize in face-to-face situations. Of course there are a lot of upsides to being able to get to know someone and create a comfort level before actually meeting them. In any case, for better or worse I think this new dating style is here to stay for a while to come.

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This is the uphill climb that upstarts face

Personally, I hate using Instagram and prefer to use Snapchat. Seeing Instagram copy Snapchat's features irks me because they''re using unique features instead of being original. Instagram was fun for me for a short time, afterwards I just got bored. With Snapchat, I'm constantly sending and receiving pictures to and from my closest friends. The fact that Instagram has had more daily users surprises me.

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This also means the monitor and tracked city. 
Things such as big-data, cheaper sensors, and mobile apps are allowing cities to be 'smarter'. Some examples include mobile data collection with video/smartphones that allowed LA to compile a real-time map of the city pointing out what sections are clean vs not, sensors on street lights have allowed a city to provide real time updates on traffic and foot traffic, machine learning has developed algorithms that predict what sections of a city are most susceptible to fires and to do restaurant inspections.

A problem with smart cities is that with the collection of big-data and sensors, how is the privacy of the residents being protected? The data is collected where it is anonymous but it can be paired up with other data sets it can reveal a lot of info about individuals. 
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