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One Direction The phenomenon
All about One Direction ... From X-Factor at Up All Night
All about One Direction ... From X-Factor at Up All Night

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I'm tired telling people: the One Direction are not gay!!

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Somebobdy:I LoVe 5 five Boys...
Me: 5 Boys! No They are 5 five angels!!!

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When I listen this song, I feel that five Angels are singing for me!

"Yesterday, Harry cried because he missed his mom, he did not want to sleep with me. He wanted to be alone in a room. Niall also has isolated himself because of a girl who told him he did not deserve to be in the group and it spoiled. I just want to say STOP. Stop insulting Niall, it is fragile, and when someone says something nasty, it is a cry for hours and I'm hurt. Without Niall, we are not One Direction. I am very protective of him because he's like a child, it is the most beautiful boy that I ''ve ever met. the luckiest girl on earth will be his girlfriend. for me, it's important, I love her so much. so to all the girls who come to us and insult Louis, Harry, Liam and me I do not you call "Directioners" because a true Directioner loves us all. Niall, I love you. "

/ \ I hope you understand little groupies, stop insulting Niall or any other boys in the group STOP, because One Direction is zayn, harry, niall, liam and louis and nothing else! ! :'(

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This world is full of danger, suffering, anxiety, but sometimes of joy and love. This world is made of who criticizes everything you made, all you who like your original critique your physique ... These people think they will be harder to criticize, they think they are perfect but are not. We're all different and that's what makes us unique.
In this world we sometimes want to stop the temp go back and start all over again but just a voice or a smile to cheers you up. Me what are these 5garçons. It gives me a smile during this difficult time. They restore me the courage to pursue my career in this sad life. Despite all the happiness they bring me are also exposed to criticism. One steering group composed of five English boys, Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn 5 boys that make perfection but perfection is not the same meaning for everyone. So people used to the criticism of the trial without even knowing them. I do not ask you to love them but only to respect them.

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~ it tell you to dress like boys?
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I don't bear fans who cry when they see the One Direction
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