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Revival Coming Soon
Dear Readers, I understand I've been missing in action for too long. I'll be posting some more work soon. Stay tuned...

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The Me
I’m not the pretty brown eyes, I’m the chocolate-brown depth. I’m not the friendly white smile, I’m the love and happiness threaded from end to end. I’m not the poise and grace of a young lady, I’m the dignity and might of a lioness. I’m not the sweet melod...

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Photo Courtesy of LiteLens Photography Like them on Facebook ! Are we dancing? Is there rain in the
clouds? Is the wind blowing
from north to south? Is the sun shining from
east to west? Tell me the burdens you
carry in your chest. Are we dancing? Are there...

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Knowing Dark Before Light
I was conceived in the
darkness of night. For months I have been
walled in a round ring. I have slept soundly
without seeing light. I have been touched
from afar by something. I have felt vibrations
of a cold probe And for protection held
tight to a string....

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I found a crying child,
lost and forlorn, In broken brown shoes
and tattered old clothes Like a plastic bag
floating down long roads. He’s the child who
should have never been born. His parents look at
him, eyes filled with scorn: The color of his hair,

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My introduction to St. Patrick's Day.

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Irish Teacher
Fitzgerald doesn’t let her class celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.” I was in awe of the
fifth grade girl talking to me about her teacher.             “But why?” I
asked. I understood only that for some reason everybody must wear green on St.

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New poem on the blog! 

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Two Apples
Two apples twinkled
among green leaves, And I stood thinking
which to pluck For my arid lips,
lengthy unease Shaded one in the
darkening eve Cautioning me of
obscured muck. I reached for the
other, just as bright, A thinner coat of wax
on its skin After bei...

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Are we dancing?
Is there rain in the clouds?
Is the wind blowing from north to south?
Is the sun shining from east to west?
Tell me the burdens you carry in your chest...
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