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Keith Clare
QUIXNZ, QUIX4U, & WSTLNZ = QUIX™ (Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited) NEW ZEALAND
QUIXNZ, QUIX4U, & WSTLNZ = QUIX™ (Waitaki Sound Technologies Limited) NEW ZEALAND


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Finding our OLD website's and/or BLOGS - is becoming an ever entertaining hobby (for us) now, as they are becoming more & more scattered (like blunderbuss shot) that will have YOU landing almost everywhere on the Internet

Such as this old one (that we decided to update today).
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I established QUIX as my (NZ) trading brand/logo/MARK in 1965, when I first coined the phrase - from several long-speak alternatives - which meant that this (new word) QUIX was the easiest way to remember all of them.
Quick "fix" (simplest form),
Quickly "fix it" (innovative ways to repair broken/irreplaceable parts),
Quick to "affix" (relative to our patented gate type hinges),

Which also encompasses several generic forms as well.
QUIX-3D (the 1965 discovery of analogue surround sound)
QUIX4U (meaning QUIX, for you, via a "word" telephone number),
0800 QUIX 4U
QUIX_IT (uses the same NZ 0800 word ph. number as QUIX4U),
As does:
QUIX=GV (QUIX4U has GREAT VIDEOS - on youtube).
However we prefer an alternative which is easier to remember of:
As in -- ?
When you go across to our main (of three or four):
Youtube Channel
You will definitely be "Late for Dinner" after watching all those videos.

Thus .. when a cellphone was added (in 2002) to the "tools" we use.
We quickly added a phonetic phrase .. to the QUIX "mix" as well:
To "call or text" us:
Just remember to dial:
(An alternative "phrase" = Oh-2-Quick-Key-Q-U-I-X-Call+Text).

Via the use of your cellphone's alpha/numeric keypad

That word number instantly translates via your cellphone's key pad.

This is also an internationally available access method via:
DDI: +64-275-7849-28

We currently operate 14 International Domain Names (the first created in 2002 is still our MAIN e-Mail MX exchange, and thus as such -- still isn't being aimed- at any particular POINT - in the internet)

13 - may be unlucky for some maybe (but it's our best number by far).

The 13 International domain names which are now in our "floating" URL stable, means that we can "aim these" wherever we wish (almost a moments notice) to re-direct everyone ...?
Into any of our (obviously excessive) 250+ websites, blogger pages, twitter, wordpress, youtube & facebook pages etc., etc.
As well as providing us with an easy method .. for you to "read" all about our various achievements and or "other" interests, as well as how we have evolved. since 1965.

The easiest place for you to start -- would thus be with, & thus through, one of our latest QUIX_IT "portals" of: 
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Authenticated & thus (fully) VALIDATED .. yet again.
After a recent attack on our 1965 Trade Brand QUIX
And (thus) on our "entire" NZ Trading entity ...

via the attempted thieft of our 2002 NZ Domain Name ""
Orchestrated in depth and across many mediums..
(by an Auckland based "typo/cybersquatter" - whom shall remain nameless)

The New Zealand Domain Name Commission's judiciary Department
Via an ardous (& quite unnecessary) lengthy & costly drawn out process

Have (finally) "ruled" that our 2002 NZ Domain Name Registration

When done in 2002 - was indeed a fully "Fair & Just" registration.
AND (despite the extended method of attack in this instance)
It remains so ..

They have therefore ruled in our favour & the case 789 has been dismissed.

What that means is that our 2002 NZ Top Level Domain Name "registration"
(of our 1965 NZ COPYRIGHTED "brand": QUIX)
Still remains our's & cannot be "challenged" via this manner, in the future.

Thus .. once again .. it's trade as usual.
(and we shall continue to dispense "advice" on many other matters .. for free" .. everywhere we go).

Keith Clare @ ""

Oh & we still also give away our free:


We have added yet another "petal" to the bouquet of our older "Blooms".
Those which "originally" .. were (only) found via:
Just generally searching for: "E_Flowers4U" (via google),
or via:,
or via:,
or via:,
By adding it's very own .. site specific URL (here in NZ)

It's yet another ... ?

QUIX (Quick-fix) 4U

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QUIX (in New Zealand) has expanded again .. (as per usual) and thus it was time to come "back" here & upgrade a few things over on our "about" page..

Such as.. ?
SOME info on "howto" FIND.. ?

Or more importantly .. !!!

Howto find all of those OLD (early) quirky little websites where we have had our original hosted pages written upon .. (since as far back as 2006 .. or even furthur back) ..

And so .. without requiring HUGE amounts of input thought ..
Now -- it's even easier to FIND..?
(anywhere from NZ & beyond)

We created several "site specific" URL domain names (in our image), Which will assist both you & I
 .. 2 R-memba WEA?

Yes.. these will help all of us to remember "where" all of those old web hosted pages were hidding in the OPEN VIEW internet fog ..
No not truely hidden , just LOST ..
In full view as always - as forgotten keywords on an ever expanding highway of "internet info" ..

Oh .. & where are these NEW URL SEARCH TERMS..
(um- now ?? Where'd I put them??? .. Oh yes.. in the ABOUT section .. it's been updated) ..

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What's new this thing asks.?
Well for starters..

In their seemingly infinite wisdom:
Has changed the way the PUBLIC gets to "view" my profile..
Such that instead of "landing" on my (original):
ABOUT: QUIX4U ... Main_Page ...

Everyone now lands on this useless (originally non-existant) "posts" page

With this "new" first post
1st ? Um.! No way - as I posted lots of posts on the old profile mainpage.

This is now the NEW 1st post ?
First that is - since their most recent 2012 website change:

And thus...

Click the "About" tab ..
And "again" view everything (that is still publically visible) "IN" there.

Thank you for perusing this revised information on my NEW (incorrect) "homepage".
However - lets "QUIX" it (very quickly with a QUICK-FIX = QUIX)>

To see my actual Business HOME PAGE -  ?
You now need to go to several.
(As Google in it's infinite wisdom - has split the original single page - into numerous "hard to find" pages).

ie: & & & 

Thus .. to just "start" the internet BALL -- rolling..?
Try this as well.

QUIX©™ via:
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