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Tad Callin
A description that defies conventional wit.
A description that defies conventional wit.

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Stout of Heart
There are some stories that get told over and over again; that's how they become legend. You've read the beginning of this story before. You've read how James Callin may have been a Revolutionary War soldier who fought at Brandywine and Monmouth . You've re...

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A Doctor and a Saddler
Of the three youngest children of William H. Callin , only one survived to leave a family of his own behind. The eldest of them, Hugh, was born in 1848, and died too young; Zimri was born in 1850; and the baby of the family, Milton, was born and died in 185...

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The Callin Family Historian
George William Callin was born on the Fourth of July in 1846, on his father's farm near Ashland, Ohio. In 1861 he moved to a farm near Bowling Green on the Sand Ridge road. George served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and then returned home and tau...

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"All Things Bright and Beautiful" to my #AtheistEar
One song from our hymnal happened to have a series of books and TV episodes associated with it. I actually never got to watch this particular TV show when I was a kid, because it was aired in a Sunday morning time slot that put it squarely in the middle of ...

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Almira's Daughters
Joseph and Laura (Phillips) Low, c. 1880s portrait shared with permission of David Smith Joseph A. Low was born in Springfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania on 6 April 1826. He was a son of Joseph and Catherine (Battles) Low. His father was a native of England...

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Ben Folds Five's "Mess" to an #AtheistEar
"And I don't believe in God So I can't be saved All alone, as I've learned to be In this mess I have made." It's a little bit embarrassing to admit this, but the first time I heard these words, I had to pull my car over to the side of the road and weep. I r...

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Leaving Only Traces
Studying history - especially family history - has its obvious benefits. There are many stories that tie us to the history of the country, or which give us a sense of triumph over adversity. The loss of children, the tragic accident, or even the quiet, gall...

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The Smoking Gun That Brings Down Trump
Sorry about the clickbaity title, but if I've learned anything from my years spent on social media, it is that reasonable behavior is ignored in favor of the unacceptable. Human nature, I suppose. But with the inauguration in five days, I felt compelled to ...

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Photo Feature: Gene's artwork & furniture
As a special treat, I have some more photos to share which are related to this week's post, Architects, Tailors, & Wanderers . Gene and Louise, 1926 New Mexico Eugene Walker "Gene" Callin and his wife, Louise Merritt, married in New York in 1926. They decid...

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Architects, Tailors, and Wanderers
  As we read last week , Rosalina Bedora Davenport (1848–1876) married James Monroe Callin, and had four children before her death in 1876 at only 28 years of age. Today, we will focus on their sons. Even though only their eldest left descendants for us to ...
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