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A Pinoy SEO Specialist
A Pinoy SEO Specialist

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Hey G+! Did you miss me? :)

It feels like I'm very much outdated to the SEO world.

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Cool infographic with lots of pandas. It's doesn't get any better than this. Kudos, SE!

When Pacquiao performs well, people accuse him that he is on PEDs or his opponent is already washed up, but when he had an off night, people tell that he's not the best pound-for-pound after all.

Come on guys. Give credit where credit is due!

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This is the main reason why I'm not a fan of IE. lol
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If Love It Reshare for Public & +1 :)

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Pacquiao was expected to beat Marquez easily, but when he struggles yesterday, people thought that Marquez is already winning the fight.

Kudos to Marquez for giving such a fight, but telling people that he got robbed is just plain dumb.

It was a close fight, but I still got Manny winning seven rounds against Marquez' five.

When viewed as an entire fight, Marquez could definitely make an argument that he won the fight, but the reality is, judges may have different perspectives of who won each round. Scores are being submitted/recorded at the end of EACH round and being computed after the last.

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Data + Great Visual Representations = Infographic

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Google+ Ripples is just awesome! Provides you with data on how your posts are being shared in an interactive, colorful manner.

On a side note, I wonder how Facebook would react on this.

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