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Bjarni Kristjansson
Founder and President of Maximal Software. Currently serving as VP of IT for INFORMS.
Founder and President of Maximal Software. Currently serving as VP of IT for INFORMS.

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SURPRISE!!! Paul Rubin's retirement party blog

Paul Rubin is retiring today after 32+ years at Michigan State University. Paul is of course well known in the O.R. online community for his knowledgeable blog "OR in the OB World" and his numerous witty tweets (@parubin). He also has the absolute record on with the stratospheric Karma of 6100.

To celebrate his retirement, few of his O.R. friends have put together a surprise retirement party blog at were you can read about his evil twin and other fun stories.

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Dear colleagues and other G+ followers,

Today we have made our new company Sulum Optimization public available !

Sulum Optimization aim to provide high quality optimization software at affordable prices. Perfectly suited for embedding optimization into even low-priced products.

Please visit the site for further information.


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Bjarni Kristjansson hung out with 1 person.Bo Jensen

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So true!! (and sad) Thanks +Guy Malachi!

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This is the best circle for Apple tech news tomorrow

This will be the best circle to watch for info on Apple tomorrow (it's of 250 of the best tech journalists/bloggers/thought leaders on Google+). I will be in front of my three big screens pulling in the best data from around the Web. I'll be watching Twitter, Facebook, Google+ all at the same time. Plus, I'll be live on +Shira Lazar's show starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow with live reports.

Anyway, if you want to see how the tech press covers this, follow this circle (make sure you put these in a new circle of your own so you can delete them if they get too noisy for you).

I'm watching thousands more, too, and will share anything good.

You will be flooded tomorrow with Apple news. If you can't handle this, just unfollow for the morning and everything will calm down pretty quickly after noon.

Robert Scoble shared a circle with you.

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+Bo Jensen has created a list on google counter of (G+) people with connection to OR/MS.

Take a look!

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Good presentation by Best Buy from the INFORMS 2011 Conference on Analytics and O.R. This and many other videos on analytics have now been published on the INFORMS Online channel on YouTube.

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Great videos from EURO 2010 Lisbon, including plenaries by John F. Nash and Harold W. Kuhn, as well as multiple keynote talks by distinguished speakers on wide range of O.R. topics.
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