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Magnus Sundström
Cocktail mixology and archaeology. Prohibition, tiki and beyond. Recipes from yore and cocktail bar reviews from around the world. Stay tuned.
Cocktail mixology and archaeology. Prohibition, tiki and beyond. Recipes from yore and cocktail bar reviews from around the world. Stay tuned.

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Review: Noble Selected Aged Premium Rum
This new Caribbean Aged Premium Rum is Swedish company Facile's third rum blend under their Noble Selected brand - the previous ones are Premium Dark Rum and Aged White Rum . The blend contains Trinidad rum aged 3 and 5 years, Barbados rum aged 5 and 8 year...

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Quick review: Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Small Batch Tonic
Gin & Tonic Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is an American company founded in 2010. Bartender Brooks Reitz made and served his popular "handmade tonic" in the bar he was working in, and together with a co-worker he decided to start bottling and selling it. Nowadays ...

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Quick review: WeiRon super premium aged Caribbean rum from Svenska Eldvatten
Svenska Eldvatten , the small Swedish independent bottling company known for their fantastic  Rum Swedes  series among other things, decided almost four years ago that they wanted to create their own rum blend. After two years of research and development th...

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Bartenders' Choice Awards 2016 - the winners
Johan Evers / Open/Closed Yesterday I attended the Bartenders' Choice Awards gala at Berns in Stockholm, (almost) everyone was there to binge drink  and celebrate the Swedish hospitality industry's best. Being part of the 100+ jury, it's always an interesti...

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Review: Noble Selected Aged White Rum
Noble Selected is a brand of rums from Swedish company Facile . The second release is this aged white rum sourced mainly from column distilled Trinidad rum aged on american bourbon casks for 3-5 years, but also some unaged Trinidad rum and about 5% unaged p...

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Intreview with Emil Hed, Svartengrens
Emil Hed. photo © Stockholm is full of talented bartenders, and cosy restaurant bar Svartengrens is no exception. There you can find, among others, Stockholm native Emil Hed who came back from backpacking and bartending in Australia, got a job at Svartengre...

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Quick review: Ron Zacapa Edición Negra
On November 17, I was invited to hotel suite 810 at Haymarket by Scandic for an exclusive relaunch of Ron Zacapa Edición Negra . It was released a couple of months ago but all bottles were sold out instantly. Today it was released in Sweden again in limited...

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The winners of Barsol Pisco Cup 2016
Recently, Cask & Co. - the Swedish importer of Barsol Pisco - arranged the cocktail competition Barsol Pisco Cup 2016. Instead of regional heats and one big final round, they had two separate competitions in Gothenburg ( Avalon Hotel ) and Stockholm ( Eater...

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Interview with Jens Dahlberg, 20Hundra5
Jens Dahlberg is a cool dude, and one of the masterminds behind the hip cocktail neighbourhood joint 20Hundra5  - as well as summer pop up Outside . If that wasn't enough, he also recently won the cocktail competition Bartenders Black Box Challenge  which m...

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Emil Hed wins Swedish Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition
Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge and winner Emil Hed. Photo © Pernod Ricard. On November 20, the Swedish finals of the global Beefeater MIXLDN cocktail competition took place at Marie Laveau in Stockholm. Ten finalists had been chosen to mix their Beefeater 24 sign...
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