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Have you checked out Tim Bells website Computer Science Unplugged?
Lots of goodies there.

Hi, I'm a leading teacher and an ICT specialist at Epsom Primary School in Australia.  I also am a reading recovery teacher.  Deeper learning is something I would like my school to shift to and investigate and begin to practise.

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Great post! And yes the Melb Uni work on ATC21st is very interesting they have put up some wonderful ideas and assessments. I need to look again and discover their offerings. Hope to see you at Teachmeets in the future to continue the conversation.

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Great news everyone we've finally got our podcast up and live. Woohoo! Thx Rodney.
Hey have you seen or heard the AU2AZ Podcast? If not, here is Episode #1 Here is the link to the blog:

Join in our 24 hour Skype on March 1st. This years topic - What do you value in your class. #saw24
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