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I don't mean to ignore G+, but I don't want it to be a duplicate of my Twitter feed, either. Didn't we do that already with Buzz?

"Maddeling" is when you are paddling (a canoe) using a Madeline doll. Also popular today: Dorddeling.

So, no instant upload on the iPhone app?

Curious what happened with the G+ invites I sent out to a few people.
Did you get them? Did you use them? How would I know?

Modernize "Employment" section of the Google Profile by renaming it "Affiliations".
Those of us who volunteer or do contract work would appreciate the flexibility.

Can I create nested circles, like how I can nest Labels in Gmail?

To clarify my previous post: I would like the option to attach a Tag to my Posts, +1s, and other shared items.

I would like to be able to drag a Person's Tag to one of my Circles, so I can create special interest Circles for me to Follow. Kind of like the Folders in Google Reader.

And I would also like the opposite - that I can 'mute' a friend's 'tag', so I can see everything that person posts, except for the posts with that tag.

I understand that Google+ users are kindly trying to avoid spamming their friends, but I don't love that the setup is such that I have to specially tell people I want to be in one of their circles to hear interesting stuff. What I would like instead is if people could start their own personal "Sparks", and then I would 'subscribe' or whatever to those. That way, I get more control over how much I can read about my friends' interests in foreign cheeses, or feminism, depending on what suits my interests at any given time.
AND, if I want to post about a topic that people might want to opt in on, I could have a (is Spark the thing?) label/name that I tag to that post to make it a part of that interest group. Sort of like a sub-blog, I suppose.

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