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3 years ago, I was in the Southern Hemisphere - my first time there. And I was in a magical place (atleast for photography) called Patagonia.
Standing amidst the cloud-wrapped towering peaks of the Andes with glaciers all around lapping up blue glacial lakes was just a sublime experience. And ever since then, I had longed to go back to such a clime.

And now, 3 years later, I am heading back to the Southern Hemisphere. To a different place. But with a lot of snow-capped mountains and weird animals and interesting people!


Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
Santa Cruz, Argentina

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fantastic work!
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Sunsets this year, atleast along the coast, have been lackluster. Only a few times have I seen those thick bands of Cirrus and Altocumulus clouds blanketing the sky. And those were the days when neither did I have my camera with me, nor was I in a suitable location to shoot them.

So for this image, I went back a few months. Back to the October of 2012.
I distinctly remember excitedly peering at the sky on a lazy Sunday afternoon after having spent the better part of the day indoors. And when the realization hit me that I was just in time to catch a nice sunset, I rushed as fast as my car could take me to the coast. Specifically to the Davenport State Beach to that lonely rock jutting out of the ocean!

I arrived just in time and had various compositions. Here is one image with the lonely rock silhouetted against the pink sky, taken long after the sun had set and lending a deep pink glow to the cloudy skies.


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This one is beautiful!
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After one too many days of frightfully sitting at home, I gathered my camera gear and headed out. Where? Frankly I had no idea. All I knew is that I just had 12 hours.

It was when I was getting my morning caffeine fix that I had time to check my mail, when I came across one from the calphoto mailing list, from a person named Michael Frye. The name rang a bell, and hence I started reading it. He had reported seeing good blooms of the native California Poppy up near Hite Cove on SR-140, enroute to Yosemite National Park.
It was 3h 30mins away. And hence, I saddled up and made the drive up smooth highways and winding mountain roads, watching the sun rise and clear away the morning fog and finally, blaze the sky with a uniform yellow.

It was past late in the morning when I got here. And within a minute of hiking on the trail, I came across a patch of the most wondrous blooms of poppies I had ever seen: a large swath of the hillside had been taken over by a carpet of orange.

Hite Cove was blazing. In the color of the California Poppy, the state flower.

Hite Cove

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Beautiful view and color!
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It was only once that I managed to go Kerry Park at sunrise to shoot the peak (Mt Rainier) rising over downtown Seattle early one spring morning. And it happened purely as a result of my laziness.

My original intention had been to head over to Skagit valley, over an hour away, to capture sunrise there. But with the weather not promising enough and my hands being quick enough to tap on the snooze one too many times, I found myself wit just half hour for the sun to rise. Thence, the only place I could think off to capture the sunrise in Seattle was this place.

And what a view it was: As the remnants of a night-time rainfall wandered about in the sky, the peak just got a little bit of light, a evanescent flash of color in the midst of dull grey shadows everywhere. This, combined with the highlights of the clouds and the shadow on the city, made for a great image.

I shot this particular composition at ISO 400, F11 for 1/35s


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Beautiful +Sathish Jothikumar
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I honestly didn't expect this at Table Mountain.
When I started the 3hr drive to this place earlier in the day, I had a set expectation of a few patches of wildflowers - some poppies and some lupines coloring up a small green landscape. In fact, even on the road climbing up to the top of the hill, I saw nary a sign of wildflowers. It was mostly the green landscape.

However, as I rounded the corner and reached the summit, what I saw astounded me: Mother Nature had unloaded entire paint-buckets of yellow, purple and orange onto a canvas of green. Lupines, poppies and coreopsis (goldfields) dominated the landscape. So much so that I couldn't even find a single square meter that didn't have some wildflower growing on it.

Here is a quick edit showing what I mean!

North Table Mountain Ecological Preserve

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It started out as a cloudy day. The grey skies in the morning as I was driving out to Steptoe Butte in the heart of Palouse wasn't inspiring confidence and made me second guess my decision of waking up that early in the morning.
But what I remember even more from that morning about 2 years ago was the ferocious winds that chilled me to the bone. Not to mention the incredible camera shake that prevented any use of tripod!

But as the sun started rising up, the rays of sunlight started lighting up patches of farmland on the Palouse. These gave rise to extremely amazing photogenic scenes that I wish I could relive everyday. Because what transpired in the landscape that morning was a bliss.

Shot with a telephoto lens at F11, ISO 400 for 1/250s

Steptoe Butte State Park

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Wow incredible 
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For the three of us, it was almost the end of an amazing week in the tropical ecological paradise of Costa Rica. We had just a couple more days to go and towards the end of that day, we took a hike up to a viewpoint near the Arenal Volcano, overlooking the Laguna de Arenal and the beautiful endless hills beyond.

As the sun peaked out from behind the clouds, its beams of light shone all over those golden hills, highlighting the lake and silhouetting the endless hills. At such a beautiful place, would a camera be far behind. Hence this panorama!

Parque Nacional Volcan Arenal
Alajuela, Costa Rica
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This was one of my very first backpacks in the Eastern Sierras, and every view along the trail just spellbound me, but perhaps one view that did take my breath away was when I first crested a small hill and Mt Ritter and Mt Banner came into first view.

What lay in front of me was the tail end of the beautiful Thousand Island Lake and the amazing granite peaks of the Sierra range rising in front of me! All with a nice trail wandering through a green meadow lined with a choice smattering of wildflowers.

Shot this image at ISO 200, F11 for 1/100s, with a nice wide angle lens.

Ansel Adams Wilderness

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I had a few hours to kill before the afternoon's annular solar eclipse. And hence I found myself at what I consider as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in California. No, it is not the tall and slender Yosemite Falls, or the mighty Vernal and Nevada falls. For me, it is the multitude of streams that seep out of mossy rocks and craggy crevices and tumble down the lush green growth into a pool of turquoise blue water, capped off by a brilliant rainbow.

The fresh feeling that permeates the air all around from the spray combined with the overall aura make it a great pleasure to shoot at this location.

Here is one such image taken on a May morning by combining 3 different exposures.

McArthur-Burney Falls State Park
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Sheer Beauty
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It was a slog from the campsite. Climbing up on the last tiring day of the backpack from the Upper Cascade Canyon to Paintbrush Divide, 2.5 miles away and 2000ft above, while hauling a 35lb backpack was not an easy task. But what kept me going was views like this, looking down at the glacier-carved Cascade Canyon at the mighty Tetons rising beyond in the distance, and the promised views from the 10500ft Paintbrush Divide.

A recent forest fire had shrouded the entire Teton range with a haze that dulled the sharpness of every image that day. Nevertheless, this was one of the very few shots that made the cut. This particular image was blended of three separate exposures to compensate for the large dynamic range

Grand Teton National Park

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