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Do you think Apple should come out with a credit card? 
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They definitely have the money for it. It would be surprising though.
It could be useful, the card would integrate with all your other Apple products and make it easier to buy/pay for things. They would probably make a lot of money with it.
I don't think banks have big enough profit margins for Apple's tastes
+Gil Haddi I think Apple has made it as simple as possible to purchase their products. You can do it all from their app. And as +Doug Holton stated, Apple does much better for itself without worrying about getting involved with the payments of their products.
They should try to do more things to expand their business!
Not really sure if missing something, but how is this card different from Sears card, for example, other than design? If they go with it, which i don't think they will, Apple fanboys will literally be card-carrying members :P
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