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Spencer Hanson
Husband, dad, mechanical engineer, children's book author, Mormon.
Husband, dad, mechanical engineer, children's book author, Mormon.

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Google makes me feel like Christmas at Disneyland. Great stuff on the horizon.

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Austin and I went backpacking up Bell Canyon near Sandy Utah. We hiked at Austin speed for about 3.2 hours and set up camp. The weather forecast for Tuesday night and Wednesday morning looked great on Sunday when we planned the trip. When we checked the forecast again on Monday, there were high wind advisories, and good chances for rain and snow. We went anyways. We definitely needed warmer sleeping bags.

Tuesday night, we didn't even put on our jackets until around 8:30. I woke up around 2 AM very cold. Austin and I snuggled up tight, putting his sleeping bag in mine, and hunkered down for the rest of the night. Temperatures continued to drop into the 20s. Around 7 AM we were chilled to the bone. Austin slept until 11 AM, finally getting some rest once it warmed up.

On the way down, Austin said he didn't want to backpack again until summer time :).

Trail: Bell Canyon, Sandy UT
Start Time: 1:20 PM, March 31
Set up Camp: 4:40 PM
Campsite Location: 40°33'34.72"N 111°45'49.60"W
Return: 1:30 PM, April 1

Summary: Awesome. Go when warmer.
Backpacking with Austin March 2015
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Awesome view of the solar eclipse from a plane.
The moon's shadow during a solar eclipse. Whoa.
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I finished another book! You can download it for free!

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This album showing how a guy changed the finish of his shoes with polish and lemon juice is pretty awesome!

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Circle is a new Bitcoin bank headquartered in the US for buying, selling, and storing bitcoins. They're giving $5 worth of bitcoins away for free until 5 PM ET if you download their app and scan the QR code. I just did it. Very cool.

So if you're wondering what Bitcoin is, this is a great way to find out. The easiest way to understand Bitcoin is to just use it. Then it clicks. At least, that's how it was for me.

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My first guest post is up at the popular men's style website, Effortless Gent!
I've been nurturing a shoe hobby for a while now. I glue on my own sole protectors to protect my leather soles on my nice shoes and make them more grippy. When the sole protectors wear out after a year or two, I peel off the worn and glue on some new. So basically my nice shoe soles last forever now. I think it's pretty rad.
Effortless Gent was cool enough to let me introduce the topic on their website!

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This is so good. My favorite part is the hot dog prayer.
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