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I love Google Reader, Google Reader shirts and Google Reader employees, past and present. +Ben Darnell is a modern hero. :)
Nice! Any updates on when Google Reader goes +?
I want to buy that shirt!
Google Reader is always the first tab in my chrome.
My life, sans Google Reader, will be completely different... and crappy... #occupyGoogleReader
BTW, I had lunch with Spencer the other day and had some nice reminiscences.
Sorry folks, the shirts aren't available anymore.
I tried to make on on cafepress but the stupid thing ate the + and turned it into a space... trying zazzle next
I made those t-shirts for our team! I have a few left, but I think they are all women's smalls. :)
we gave them out at SXSW 2009. (i think)
"15% Off ALL Orders! Hurry, Ends Halloween Night!   Use Code: SPOOKTACULAR"
I never got one. Jealous.
+Louis Gray Yeah, that's how Zazzle stays in business. If there's real interest I could find a place to do them in bulk for much cheaper.
I think there is a site that collects crowd financing. Alex, do you know about that site? You could set a goal there, and we'd try to spread the word.
Maybe you are right, Alex, but I'd just like to note that an item for sale on a commercial site looks different from a call for crowd financing. If a person just bought a shirt, he/she does not really feel that his contribution gets the project closer to its goal.
Hey Ben, One question for you good buddy, Have you ever considered updating your blog? It seems so old compared to the things going on here in 2012. is basic example of today's easy looking blogs.
Ren Xu
Google Reader is shutting down. Now what?!
Google reader will be integrated into Google +?
Hi Ben,  no disrespects, but have you ever considered updating your decades old blog?
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