This is a project im doing to show at the local school. I'm working with teachers to actively get girls into STEM fields if possible, and showing them its not all boring stuff :)
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Led test on the ball dress i'm working on

This is a project i've been working on, converting a short ball dress to something cooler.
The Dress has 4 chains of 4 RGB neopixels ( from +Adafruit Industries ) in a diagonal lines, and i used diagonals so i can later do patterns with that (and it looks better & randomized)
This video is just the strand test to make sure they are all working and wired ok, and gives an idea on what it looks like.
I have more to add to this, including the motion sensor (already wired in but untested), and the colour sensor.

Eventually this dress will be able to colour match your accessories or partner, as well as blink in time with your dancing or movements.

Most of the hard work is done in regards to sewing things in and circuits, i had a hard time with lines crossing though.

Now I just need to add the other sensor, clean up and cover the conductive thread, paint the LED boards white to match the dress, and code code code!

and yes, my daughters are in love with it :)
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