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gaye lisby
I punch poverty in the throat!
I punch poverty in the throat!

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Winter can be brutal on Branson residents, that's why I decided to promote a program that is helping so many people.

Hi Friends,

You know the drill. Branson rolls up the sidewalks in the winter and sends talented, hard-working people to the unemployment line,

which is the price we pay to live in a tourism community.

But the internet brings opportunity to places like Branson

even during the winter season

in the form of Ebay and Amazon drop shipping.

Industry experts expect a 62% increase in e-commerce by 2016, and in fact, the recent holiday buying season charted an amazing 150% increase in e-commerce via mobile devices.

Suffice it to say internet selling and buying is becoming the norm.

That's where my company steps in and opens the door of opportunity to folks like our Branson residents who need an increase in their bottom line, especially during these tough months.

My company, 101plenty, uses a powerful training program of simple modules to teach anyone how to safely, effectively and profitably drop ship on Ebay or Amazon without

stocking inventory,

without shipping and handling,

without spending a penny to buy a product to sell.


Think again.

CLICK HERE and spend a ten minutes watching the video produced by Titanium Ebay Seller, Roger Langille. 

It makes sense.

It's simple.

And, it's lucrative.

In fact, in my first 30 days I earned nearly $2,500, which I think is kind of cool because half of that time was spent with family and friends during the holidays!

So, I can testify this works.

WATCH THIS and then tell me what you think.

Or, forward this email to friends and family who might need an income boost during these tough winter months.

Thanks for spending your valuable time with me!

Writing Words that Work
Gaye Lisby

P.S. Of course, this valuable training works for anyone anywhere, even in other countries, but Branson's needs weigh heavily on my mind this time of year. :)

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So thankful that nearly a year ago, a young man shared the internet marketing industry with me. I've been making my living online every since. If you want to discover how lucrative this industry can be, just make it click: 

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Hello Google Greats!

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I punch poverty in the throat! 

Hey Kristy! Thanks for being in my circle! Friend request me on fb if you want to! Tell me about your life!

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