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We created this figure for production, and printed it out on an Objet machine. the white images are the 3D print, the painted samples are factory masters. If anyone is interested in more information feel free to drop me a line. 
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yes , i had a link to the preorder site that had more information about the project but did not want it to look like spam 
Nice ;-)
The quality on the print is phenomenal Klim - Objet, that's a powder printer, yes?
yes there is still hand finishing but it is minor. 
some of the high detail work we do on the Envisiontek machines is mind boggling.
Personally i  prefer the big soft shapes but always nice to see some gnarly details.  
Thanks Metin, how are you doing? been a long time.Hope all is well
I'm doing great, Thanks! Still 3D'ing a lot and lovin' it.
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