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"All the lights in the sky are stars"
"All the lights in the sky are stars"

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This is amazing 
I think this asshat has found the ultimate way to terrify cats.
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+Andrew Vogel​​, +Grace S​​, +Ethan Dedrickson​​, I know you guys have been looking for a good backup - this one finished funding a little while back, and looks pretty nice. I meant to send the link earlier, but they still have pre-orders open - or I might even be able to add one or two on if they use backerkit.

Sharing this as "public" in case anyone else on my list is interested, but also to pick up the free cable they mention on the campaign page. 

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This looks pretty useful, especially for frequent bussers. 
Hey all,

If you live in the Portland area and use TriMet on a daily basis, TriMet Go allows you to get quick, up-to-date information on arrivals, save favorite stops, as well as view stops and arrivals around you (pro), check out TriMet Go!

If you're interested in beta testing, opt-in here:

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This is my new backup for the day Verizon finally weasels me out of cheap unlimited data.

Key words: $10/GB, no overage fees, and any unused data is refunded at a 1:1 ratio to what you paid.

It also has some neat usability/coverage features, like picking whichever carrier's cell tower happens to be best at a given time. 

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My brother created a neat little short animation for a TF2 item. It's a little under 30 seconds - pretty simple, but it looks slick and feels professional.

Feel free to share this around, Ethan has said he's more than fine with visibility. 

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Neat. Google for more info. 
Want an invite TODAY? #InboxHappyHour 3-4pm PT. Send us an email at between 3pm and 4pm pacific and you'll get an invite by 5pm.

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Google Voice integration has landed.  Combined with functionality as an integrated SMS handler, I approve of this.

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I have been induced by +Ethan Dedrickson (second-degree by +Jess Anderson) to enact and subsequently post this video of ice water going onto me, in order to spread awareness for ALS ( )

This challenge might be a little mild in light of my own habits with the cold (plus the 90° weather today), but... awareness!  And if I find myself with the opportunity in the near future, I will find a much colder body of water to jump into.

+Geo Cal, +Claire Cushing, +Claire Wiesenauer -- the rules are that I've got to 'tag' 3 more people to make their own videos within 24 hours, otherwise you are, according to my brother, honor-bound to donate $100 to the cause.  I'm going with the excuse "Blame Ethan".

All editing work courtesy of +Ethan Dedrickson, as it was his idea/camera; I'm so confident about his pro editing skills, I haven't even watched this video before uploading.  You can watch his and Jessica's videos on YouTube at at and respectively.  Jessica's reaction is... pretty great.

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I did not know this was a thing...

Useful page.  Kind of makes all those "locate/ring/lock/remote-wipe" apps a little redundant now, haha

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I'll say the same thing as when a friend of mine wondered if they'd ever make a MSB movie:

This is going to either turn out a wonderful tribute, or an atrocity against childhood. 
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