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How long is now?
How long is now?

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The Morning Star to Hong Kong
Oh Hong Kong. Old friend. It has been a while. Five years. A few days ago, I saddled up in row 34 on an American Airlines 777 and flew direct from Dallas to Hong Kong. The morning star as I call it, the sun set just as the wheels touched down on Lantau Isla...

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Klein Bonaire
 Klein Bonaire is a small island off the coast of Bonaire - its name translates to small Bonaire. It is home to some great stretches of sand, as well as vibrant reefs. It is also empty. Years ago, developers attempted to build some resorts on the island and...

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Bonaire Sunset
 Kristin and baby Harper at Rum Runners in Bonaire. Harper is  loving the sea life  Dive shop on water  Harper at dinner

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What is my job as CEO?
According to google: More than with any other  job , the responsibilities of a  CEO  diverge from the duties and the measurement. A  CEO's  responsibilities: everything, especially in a startup. The  CEO  is responsible for the success or failure of the com...

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1000 steps Bonaire
   1000 steps is a dive site in Bonaire with 82 steps heading right down into the water It is not really 1000 steps, but it can feel like it with a bunch of gear

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Bonaire white slave hut
Bonaire has a bizantine and contrasting history of brutality and beauty, slavery and freedom. Here a slave hut frames both.

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Klein Bonaire's inquisitive trunkfish
  Trunkfish just staring into my gopro

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Lac Bay in Bonaire
Lac Bay is in the corner of Bonaire. It is a local spot with great calm waters, some pretty pristine mangrove forests, and one of the best wind surfing environs on the planet - freestyle wind surfing was allegedly invested here.  There are several mountains...

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"You shall not pass"
Driving through rural Bonaire, we were stopped by this fellow. He blocked the road, came over to the driver side, and made immediate demands. We fed him some baby food He put his head all the way in the car, eventually, we drove off. 

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8/28 & 8/29 - Leaving chaos at an inopportune time for a remote island
Menguin is in the middle of raising a round of funding, so it is probably not the best time to disappear into the tropics. But, when you plan a trip and promise a trip to your wife and mother in law, follow-through is important.    So here I am, with a mill...
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