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5 of 365
Today could be described as the morning of It Almost Was, But It Wasn't. First thing this morning I was not ready to get out of bed and it was really stinking cold (like 12 degrees cold) so the first almost was me getting up the first (or second) time the a...

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3 of 365
My day started off with a visit from my two favorite munchkins in the whole world. Actually I woke up to Big Sister running down the hall and calling out for Mimi. That's an incredibly precious sound, I gotta say. After we played a while we settled in for s...

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2 of 365
Today has been a most unfruitful day as far as actually accomplishing much. The end of the vacation is drawing near and I'm feeling the need to just be incredibly lazy. This morning Hermione and I watched some Netflix and then this afternoon I started brows...

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Kindness Challenge, Week 2
     Last week’s kindness challenge was all about strangers,
doing little random acts of kindness for others who would have no way to know
who you were, just someone who brightened their day a bit. That was pretty
easy, smile, wave, give a little hello and ...

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Kindness Challenge - Week One Update
Ultimately I believe I'm a kind person already, I thought I really tried to be kind to people in general, but this week has opened my eyes that I could be doing so much more. This week's challenge was to do acts of kindness for strangers. Some of the post c...
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