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Use Linux to share your printers via Google Cloud Print
Use Linux to share your printers via Google Cloud Print

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Two Tracks
OAUth2, and sysv init support restored

Since the last announcement, OAuth2 is now supported, and there are two release paths. The latest version works with systemd and later versions of the python-daemon package. A second, compatible track will work with distributions which don't support systemd or the new python-daemon module.

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Cloudprint-service 0.11-6.1 Released
Bug Fixes

Version 0.11-6.1 is released, with some bug fixes to improve print reliability.

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Cloudprint released to Debian
Available in 'testing'

The cloudprint and cloudprint-service packages have been adopted by the Debian 'testing' distribution ('jessie'), and by Ubuntu 'Unicorn' in the 'Universe' repository. Jessie will become the Debian 8 stable release within about a year..

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Cloudprint-service 0.11-5.1 Released
Raspberry Pi

Cloudprint version 0.11-5.1 is released to the repository. The changes are mostly about bug fixes, and better support for alternate platforms.

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Cloudprint-service 0.11-3.1 Released
Tailor the printer list

The latest version of cloudprint-service, released today, lets you define 'exclude' and 'include' lists to limit the list of printers to be proxied. See the file /etc/default/cloudprintd after the upgrade for details.

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Cloudprint-service 0.11-2.1 Released
Incorporating upstream release

The package has been upgraded, to reflect the upstream release. Users should not notice a significant difference (a new '-v' verbose logging option is added).

Note that the preferred sources line for PPA access has changed. See

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Cloudprint-service 0.10-9 Released
Improved reliability and bug fixes

A new version of Cloudprint-service has been released, fixing a number of problems encountered over the last few months.

It includes the following fixes:
- An option to store username & password, so that authentication doesn't expire after a couple of weeks
- A means to enable fast polling, for those who have been having problems with getting notifications to work
- A number of crash fixes
- Changes to allow it to install cleanly on the Raspberry Pi

Download the new version from the web page, or update via the PPA.

See the changelog for details:

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Cloudprint-service Feedback Requested
How's it working for you?

The current release of cloudprint-service (v0.10-7) includes a number of pending upstream changes that are intended to make the service more responsive and reliable. 

Comments on your experience are welcome, either attached to this message, or on the issues page.

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Use Linux to share your printers via Google Cloud Print
First public release of cloudprint-service

Cloudprint-service adds a service to your Linux computer that makes your printers available via Google Cloud Print. This can make the printer persistently available to other users, other devices, or other sites, under your control. No special printer drivers are needed to access the shared print queue.

This should generally work with any distribution which uses .deb files for software installation.
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