+Google+ I'm not particularly interested in following +Robert Scoble +Matt Cutts +Leo Laporte as suggested under You might like. Just trying to keep my stream lean within my interests.

The You might like feature is so basic that I think it merely does the following:

* A is followed by many M
* B is followed by few F and has an extended network E. B doesn't follow A.
* Some of the E follows A

Decision: B might like A.

That's it? Homework complete?

This feature has a prominent location (Home page). It should give me the best you could offer. In fact, the suggestions under the Circles page does a decent job at this. This is probably the most important object on the page right after the stream since it is fundamentally crucial to network growth and value. The hidden 'x' to discard the suggestions in place of new ones, doesn't cut it either. You don't expect me to cover every pixel on the screen to discover possible interactions I hope.

How about people that I share similar terms in our profiles or things that we've tagged or shared (categorically) in our posts? How about compiling better metrics so I can get to know people that I might actually like based on their online profiles? How about locality? Past employments, education.. whatever.

I don't care how many followers a profile has, but as long as there is something that's fundamentally honest about the suggestion. I don't just want the cream of the top. Make it random even.

The current suggestions makes this application look immature, and totally impersonal. I realize it is easier said than done, but you can do it! You know, so I can enjoy your service and continue to use it tomorrow too.

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