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Sarven Capadisli
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#Software #Design #Philosophy #UNIX

The Unix philosophy (like successful folk traditions in other engineering disciplines) is bottom-up, not top-down. It is pragmatic and grounded in experience. It is not to be found in official methods and standards, but rather in the implicit half-reflexive knowledge, the expertise that the Unix culture transmits. It encourages a sense of proportion and skepticism — and shows both by having a sense of (often subversive) humor.
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Sarven Capadisli

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+OKFN Labs - Open Knowledge Foundation +OKFN #BadData #Data  


Dear friends at OKFN Labs,

You might want to get your own end of things straight before pointing fingers. :)

If we look deep enough, it is trivial to find "bad data" in any data.

Please fix
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Sarven Capadisli

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+Google +Google+ #UX Instead of forcing your users to provide a false birthdate, you might want to reconsider that interface.

Happy Birthday to all you people born on January 1. Apparently, myself included.
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hey hey happy 2014 birthday :D
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cool, let me finish this rough draft and then will send your way
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Sarven Capadisli

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## Turtle Start ##

<> foaf:interest <> .

## Turtle End ##
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Sarven Capadisli

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[CfP] Second International Workshop on Semantic Statistics (SemStats 2014)
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Submission deadline is extended to 2014-07-21.
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They have an REST API that can be used to retrieve the data in SDMX-ML.

See also:
* which contains all the scripts.
* is about the transformation.
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#Science #SemanticWeb #OpenAccess #UniversalKnowledge #LinkedResearch #UseTheWebDummy #UX

Dear Researchers,

I want to read your paper because I think I can learn from what you have to say. I also want to be able to have a direct Web link to your paper from my paper.

If I can not get a hold of your research with a single click nowadays, I do not think we agree on the same definition of sharing scientific knowledge.

I lose because I do not learn from you. You lose because your work does not get the exposure it deserves.

Stop being selfish, careless, and lazy, and please first share your work publicly and freely, without artificial and unnecessary barriers by handing it over to some institution that is designed to profit from your hard work.


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Help the printing of the book "Book designers from the Netherlands" featuring interviews of thirteen prominent contemporary book designers from the Netherlands. Preorder your copy now! OR #book-design #typography #type #the-Netherlands #graphic-design #crowdfunding
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#LinkedData   #Research   #Knowledge   #Occupy

Information control is just an idea and should not to be mistaken as something new.


Start with HTML and enrich it semantically; encapsulate everything from meta-data, references, claims, conclusions, to steps needed to reproduce the research itself. Present it with a CSS that's helpful on screen and when printed. Use JavaScript to offer interactivity to better communicate your findings and allow further experimentation. When appropriate, use other technologies from that bag labeled "Web friendly". Publish the work at a URL so that both humans and machines can access and discover. Offer a comment system so that your colleagues can publicly provide their review or feedback to improve your work and so that it is immediately accessible. Announce your research so that you get the karma points that you seek all under your authority without having to ask anyone for permission to spread your contributions. On this day, you are both the author and the publisher.

Alternatively, we can simply continue on with the existing practices. We can continue to be at the mercy of "people in power" or needs of businesses because we are overly comfortable with an archaic pipeline that's constructed by those in charge. If rated using TimBL's Linked Open Data stars, it will get us 3 stars tops on a sunny day. Who cares about the stars right? That's the same star-system with which we try to slap government stakeholders or all other data-huggers. There is too much hypocrisy and arrogance in how we use our own technology, and it might be related to laziness and obedience.
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Tagline is me. Follow the URI rabbit.
I am interested in human-computer interaction, and how it changes us. If not in front of my laptop, I am either at a café or at the beach. See you out there!
  • University of Leipzig
    PhD (Computer Science), 2012 - present
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
    MSc (Computer Science & Information Technology), 2010 - 2012
Linked Data technologist
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences
    Research Associate, 2012 - present
  • Digital Enterprise Research Institute
    Linked Data researcher, 2010 - 2012
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