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Matt Spiro
Handsome with a pocket full of ransom.
Handsome with a pocket full of ransom.

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I've decided to not post anything publicly anymore in order to cut down on the amount of feed spam circle members have to skim through.

For example, though I'm sure there is an overlap in the Venn diagram of the people in my Homebrew circle that might be interested in posts about my scuba diving, I'm sure the majority don't care. For those that do, they can ask me to add them to my scuba circle.

So here is a list of my circles, that I will update as I add more. If you'd like to be added to any of them, please leave a comment under this post.



Scuba Diving - mostly cold water Pacific Northwest diving, but all other diving too.

Homebrew - all about brewing, all the time.

Photography - I don't post much in this category, mostly just follow others. For now, at least.

General Bullshittery - stupid crap I find online, other ramblings. (friends and family are automatically subscribed, like it or not)

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